Addidas Autumn Trail Plymouth

Has anyone done this one before, I`ve been looking forward to this for a long time, I`ve heard its tough but what the hell that`s what it`s all about.


  • this is my first one as well was hoping for some info on this race as well,and yes i've heard it's tough,last year it was terrible weather looks to be better this year
  • Linda I completed the Ivybridge Beacon Challenge a couple of weeks ago, if that`s anything to go by it will be hard going but good fun
  • looking forward to the run feeling a bit nervous about it haven't had a race since June (race for life) work stops me a lot of training do have a treadmill at home and i use that,still slow as christmas will possibly be last who cars!!!!
  • That was probably the best organised race event I have took part in, very enjoyable. I`ll be their next year.
  • hi ,glad that you enjoyed the race i did not do it in the end had a family crisis and had to tend to that,still there is always next year.Going to Newcastle on Friday for the Great North Run Sunday that is hard going did it last year for the first time hope to do better this year.Many thanks for your reply's and sorry for my bad spelling !!!!
  • Pity you missed it, still i`m jealous your going to the north run,the only race i1ve got now is the tavy 7. Good luck in the north run.
  • hi,
    thanks for the reply,the great North is such a great time,we stay there for 4 days and enjoy the area,fantastic atmosphere,saw lots of celebrities from emmerdale and the bill ,i was in the t.v.times team great day looking forward to next years race when i will do better time. I have entered the Castle Drogo race that is in Nov.this is tough as well,good luck in yours.
    many thanks.
    Linda Lee
  • I was there! I've only just seen this link. I loved every minute after the first couple of miles which I always take to warm up, and I'm looking forward to receiving the photos taken at the first and final water now!

    Didn't we enjoy the most beautiful weather?
  • See you at the Tavy 7 Scott. I'll be the one at the back! Race Number 10
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