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I'm in my first season of triathlon and struggling with sore shins, on the run leg of a race. I never normally have problems with my shins when just out for a run. I realise that a lot of this will just be down to practice, but someone has recommended calf guards to me. What are people's thoughts? Will these be beneficial, or should I just get on with more brick sessions?!


  • Sore shins are usually indictitive of shin splints

    Triathlon and associated training is more likely a red herring

    Stretch all your calf muscles properly and get a good sports massage, rest is one of the cures for shin splints, more brick sessions probably aren't  image

  • I will take anyone's advice if they're telling me to rest image Thanks!

    The only reason I didn't think it would be shin splints is I'm fine when I just go out for a run- no niggles in my shins at all. Is it just that you put more pressure through them after being on the bike too?
  • The bike to run transition (T2) is a wierd one for most people and you may find that you're running technique is changing due to fatuigue.

    You may find it help ful to do more practise of the bike to run transition - every time you go for a bike ride, end it with a short run, even 200m down the road and back will really help you get used to the transition phase..

  • Keep an eye on your footfall. If you are tired and tend to land heel first that can often irritate the shin muscles and put exertion on the connective tissue between the muscle and the shin bone. I'm suffering myself at the moment. Seem to have come on since I got new running trainers (analysed and fitted by a specialist running shop). Been running for months before hand and no problems. 2 weeks in new shoes and bam, shin splints!!! Grr. Have physio session booked to try and get rid ASAP.
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