Help - New Target After Windsor

Hi all

as you know I've been training for Windsor which I am very much looking forward to, I currently run 10 minute miles as I feel comfortable at that pace and want to be able to enjoy the day.

However I will be taking a fitness test on 28 October which will require me to run a minimum of 2,700 metres in 12 minutes. Obviously that's considerably faster than I run at present.

My question is will I be able to build on the Windsor training and create a short term programme to get me through the test??? I can run in the gym every day if need be but would be grateful for some advice from the more experienced amongst us.



  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Gary, the only way you're going to improve from 10 min miling to 7 min miling in 4 weeks is to do some intensive speed work.

    Do you have access to a running track or grass playing field?

    The track is useful as you would have to do your laps in about 105 seconds.

    If we get a chance we can discuss it on Sunday either before or after the race!
  • Gary what sort of test requires someone to run 7:30 mins/mile? Surely that would disqualify any policeman over 35
  • Gary, do you do any shorter runs at all at the moment? My own view is that this is quite possible, with the proviso that you ain't got a lot of time left. As a heavy runner myself I have managed a 22min 5k while able to do a 1/2 marathon at 10min/mile pace. You maybe just need to get used to moving your legs faster.

    Drew's general approach is of course right. You could also try some tempo runs over shortish distances - say 10 mins to warm up, then do 1.5 miles at whatever pace you can sustain, followed by 10 - 15 mins cool down run. Can you actually run at the necessary pace in the gym at the moment over shorter intervals?
  • Thanks all for your advice, I haven't tried to run at this pace for a good few years although I have been able to do the test in the past.

    Drew: Yes I'd like to have a chat about it on Sunday
    Mij: This is a referee's fitness test
    Glenn: My shortest run at the moment is 5k, as I mentioned I haven't run at this pace for a good few years but am certainly prepared to put the effort in to get to the required pace.

    I only found out that I would be doing this test earlier in the week so have not had the time to consider a shorter tempo run as I didn't want to jeparidse (sp) Sunday.

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