Trail Routes/ North Downs

Anyone got any suggestions for good off road rural running routes- 13-20 miles or so.

Live in South London, so North Downs, Dorking etc is easily accessible-

I'm just looking for some new and interesting routes.


  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    My only guess would be to look at local races and see if you can make out any routes from that. There is a Dorking 10 which is a decent race and an 8 miler (Ballbuster?) over that part of the Downs. There is another North Downs run based at Gravesend which is around 19m (30k) and worth doing.

    Websites for these runs might have the course outlines.
  • I did the north doens run this year- cant really remember where the route went to and from, and cant find it on a website.

    The Ballbuster (if it is the same route as the Ballbuster dualthon) is on road. I know the roads a little round there.

    The Surrey slog also went just to the South of Box Hill
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