Anyone done this race before?

I am planning to and know the route. Whilst it is testing simply because of the Box Hill ascent 5 times there is quite a lot of descending and recovery.


  • This is an excellent race, as long as the weather is o.k. Actual climb per lap is only about a mile and three quarters so its not as bad as it looks on the face of it. Also its not that steep just draggy. The descending is technical and can be tricky, very narrow in parts and open to traffic and covered in leaves in some parts. I find the worst part the flattish top section. Crowd support is good especially at the top of the climb where the start/finish is. It really is a good fun race to do with the usual excellent Human Race organization. I believe entries are to be cut down this year because of parking problems, so get that entry in quick.
  • I think I will do it

    I know the route well and have done it quite a bit on the bike.

    I agree with you about the flat bit at the top- it always seems to take longer than it should to get going again!
  • this was my first duathlon in 2000 (i think) and i've done it every year since.

    great event but expensive due to limited places due to limited parking.

    get entries in soon people!

    i have a full profile of the course which i shall resurect on my new website soon :)
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