Races too close?

I did the Bristol Half Marathon yesterday, and was disappointed with my performance - felt pretty rough for most of it, and didn't reach my time goal of sub 2 hours. My friend who also did the Bristol with me, but felt fine wants us to do the Stroud Half (22nd October). I had been considering it, but wondered if it was too soon? I wouldn't want to do it and have another bad performance because I've overtrained/raced.
Any advice?



  • rachel - last year I did the bristol half in 2.02 (and a bit). 2 weeks later I did the GNR. I decided that if I didn't overdo the first one, I could use it as a training run for the second. Don't worry too much about feeling rough yesterday - you weren't alone - I think the weather knocked quite a few people for six, you probably saw the scattered bodies towards the end (hope you're ok guys & gals).

    So - summary. Unless your body complains alot, I don't see why you shouldn't do both,

  • I agree with Bouncer. I read that it takes a day per mile to recover from a race and you have 6 weeks until the Stroud half so plenty of time. Just listen to your body, take it easy for a few days after yesterday then start building up again.

  • Thanx for your advice. I'll see how well I recover.
    I managed to avoid being one of the scattered bodies near the end..could have done with a bit more cloud cover though - I was baking!
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