First post-race run HELL!!!!

Dear all - Happy Friday!

I completed my first 10K on Sunday which I found very enjoyable and have been on a high ever since. However, went out for my first run since the race lastnight (5K) and it/I was awful to put it mildly! Could not get into a rhythm and I'm sure my arms and legs were flailing about wildly. My calf muscles felt like they were made of stone also. Afterwards I was glad I had made the effort but felt rather disappointed with my performance.

Has anyone else experienced this post-race hell?? Any advice?? I'm going to try again tonight so any advice you can offer me would be much appreciated.



  • M
    Congratulations on your first 10k, I'm glad you enjoyed it - it's a great buzz isn't it.

    Don't be disappointed, it's a fairly natural reaction to both achieving a major milestone and also (I guess) running harder than you do in training (races usually feel more focussed if not actually faster/longer).

    Allow yourself a couple of easier sessions & find yourself another race to aim for - I think the Events tab in this forum is great in finding things within, say, 20 miles.

    Enjoy yourself tonight - good luck
  • Well done on that 10K, M.

    Don't rush to blame the race, and don't let it put you off racing in future. Your bad run yesterday could have been pure co-incidence. One well-known running coach (was it Shelly-lynn Glover?) has gone on record as saying that out of every 5 runs you do, one will be brilliant, three will be OK, and one will be a bummer. Yesterday you had the bummer. I did my first 10K on Sunday too, and had a crackingly good run on Tuesday.

    Do try again tonight and you're likely to surprise yourself.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Thanks you guys.

    V-rap - think you are right about it being a co-incidence. Had probably put too much pressure on myself to be brilliant too!!

    Am definitely going to race again and am quite looking forward to my run tonight - can't be any worse than lastnight!(better not speak too soon!)

    Have a nice day.

  • Great stuff, M.

    The strange thing is, even a bad run can feel a lot better than not running at all, especially when it's over.

    Hope you have a good one tonight!

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Just to add to this - I've been running for about 18 months now and did my best ever PB Half Mara on Sunday - 1:38:17, 6 minutes off my last one which I was over the moon about and fully expected this high to keep my going. HOWEVER, Monday came and I really didn't feel like running so didn't, Tuesday came and I still really didn't feel like rnuning so did 30 mins on the stepper, missed running Club Weds night, did nothing yesterday cos I brought 2 foot trainers into work with me (DOH) so today is my first run since my moment of glory - I have absolutely no idea on the psychology behind this - it is definitely more mental than physical - any suggestions or am I just odd ?
  • Make that 2 x RIGHT foot trainers - otherwise you really will think I'm odd !!
  • 2 right foot trainers - how fab! I used to do that at school to get out of cross-country which is kind of ironic now that I love running!

    Well done with the 1/2M - how soon did you decide to go for a 1/2M by the way? I've been running a while but have only just done a 10K - would love to build up to a 1/2 M though.

    I totally agree with the mental thing - if you don't have the motivation in your head you are sunk


  • Well I started running "properly" i.e. frequently, focussed,logging progress, etc in January with a view to doing London. Part of the training schedule for this was a half mara within a few months - think Fleet was my first one. Realistically I guess 3 months but I had a reasonable base level of fitness from with gym work etc. It really depends how you feel in yourself, how much work you're able to put in, whether you enjoy it or not and whether you stay injury free. I don't think I'm a a "natural runner", I suffer no guilt if I miss a run, probably consume too much alcohol, bix & cake but I tend to have a bit of an S&M approach to it whereby I make myself the underdog so I work harder - sounds odd I know.
  • I think I just need to be confident in myself and believe that I can do it. I'm very impressed by your 3 months and also relieved to hear that it doesn't take over your life. Think I will look for a another 10K to do then take it from there - perhaps a 1/2M in the springtime. I used to keep a log but got out of the habit but I will definitely start it up again.
    Are you doing London next year?? I fancy trying the Loch Ness Marathon next year - would be good scenery to plod along next to anyway!
  • 10K runs are great confidence boosters and with regular training you can easily beat PBs each time (if you want to of course!). Try a 10m race to test the water before going on to Halfs - not sure where you are but there are quite a few 10 milers about. It's the next stepping stone to get your head around and feels good when you've got one under your belt.
    Have entered London but will only do it nest year if I get in the ballot - had to work hard to get £1400 sponsorship this year which took a lot of time. I facy Dublin Marathon either this year or next - a 4 day trip perhaps to make the most of the Craic !!
  • I'm up in Edinburgh so I shall keep checking the events page for some more races. The 10 miler sounds like a good idea. How did you do at London this year?
    Thanks for all your advice.
  • M

    Brand new marathon in Edinburgh 15 June 2003, what a excellent target to take part in the first running of a race.

    (If you fancy doing it for charity - Hope for Children are one of the official charities, more than happy to get you info if you email me).
  • Pitstop congrats on your PB last weekend, was it at Bristol?
  • M. You're story sounds familiar. i ran my first 10K on sunday for many a long year. Although i ran under my target time, i have felt pretty bad all week (like a post race hangover). I only managed a very eAsy run on Wed am, and then really struggled yesterday. Hopefully should be back to normal tommorow. Got planned 2 or 3 more 10K's before the end of the year and then building up to a half marathon in Feb.
  • Nick
    Will give it some thought. Does it sound realistic to be prepared for a marathon by then ??? - always said I'd like to have done a marathon by the time I'm 30 and i'd only be reaching 29 shortly after that!


    Gareth - glad to hear i'm not alone - I mean that in a good way of course! It is sooooo frustrating that we undoubtably have bad runs but I guess it's part of the parcel. Stay positive and good luck with your next races.

  • Ooooh - do you really want to know ? I was full of injuries and having 2 lots of physio each day right up until the Friday before! Cried on the coach on the way there as we got into Greenwich Park cos I thought I was stupid for being there but managed 4 hrs and 6 seconds and YES the 6 seconds does hack me off somewhat !!
  • Mr Silly - sorry am late replying - been to the gym of course!! No, Half Marathon was in the New Forest, right on my doorstep and luckily for me the hills came as no surprise !
  • M
    Ignoring any personal interest I might have in promoting Edinburgh - it is totally realistic for you to do a Marathon next June.

    Loads of people who will be doing London in April are only just thinking about starting now (not that I would advocate that approach) and lots of them won't already have a 10k under their belts.

    With a sensible training plan (keep going through the winter & build up through the spring with a few organised races sprinkled in to keep motivation & focus) and avoiding accidents you'll be cresting the line with the best of them by June.

  • Nick

    You are slowly persuading me! There are a few marathon runners in my family so hopefully there could be a marathon-gene in me! You make it sound so easy - have you done many?

  • M

    Two - both in 1984!

    Earlier this year I set myself a goal of raising £20k for Hope for Children by completing the 2004 London Marathon in under 4:22.

    Why 2004 not 2003 I hear you asking, given that he's been prattling on at me to go for it?
    - 20th anniversary of my other runs (London & Berlin)
    - 10th anniversary of founding of HOPE
    - it was a big step into the unknown and I wanted a conservative goal (I now firmly believe I could do 2003 in under 4:22 - 10 min mile for 26.2 miles - but will need at least another year for all the fundraising things I wanted to do).

    (If you have doubts - I remember an item in the old forum where someone had seen a local news item where a woman entering FLM 2002 was reported as saying that she had got up to 8 miles in training for it!)

  • Thanks for all your encouragement - I am going to give it some serious consideration.

    What does the charity do?

    £20K is very impressive - good luck with that. 2004 sounds like a good year for you with all those anniversaries to spur you on.
  • M

    HOPE supports lots of small projects around the world (inc a few in the UK). The thing I like about the charity is that they fill in the gaps that other larger schemes can't cover. So, for example, they support schemes that help say 6 mothers in a village to set up a micro enterprise in Sri Lanka and a place in Zambia (from memory) that has places for a dozen kids to get them off the streets. The Oxfams/Save the Childrens do brilliant work on large projects but sometimes can't get to help people who fall between schemes - HOPE tries to plug some of those gaps working with local projects rather than competing with them.

    Its amazing how little it costs to make a real difference in some of these projects (£3 to provide the equipment to allow a street kid to attend school for a term).

    Why not have a browse round
  • I will have a browse - sounds like a great charity.

    Have a good weekend
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