New races/formats?

We've had triathlon, duathlon, aquathon, biathlon, pentathlon, decathlon, tregathlon, quadrathlon.

What event would you like to see?


  • Sleepathlon? Lurkathlon? There's several others but I'll see what the level settles at before I add more.
  • A Kylie-athlon of course !
  • I would personally like to see the following:

    doubledecathon - swim / ride double-decker bus / run
  • slobathon -(best done while watching a footy match) - drink 4 pints of lager, fart 10 times, follow through
  • A pizzathlon, with three meaty toppings.
  • Just watched the TRIs I taped last nite ....

    One of them was Run/MTB/Ski
  • like that one will - but I guess it's MTB up and ski down?? although you could always run up, bike down and ski up. there's a rowathon as well - row on conceptt II, bike, run.
  • a knobathon (male only) - try to sh*g 3 women on the trot!! and finish each time.
  • sigh.

    [in resignation, NOT desire]

  • shagging three women with the trots could get messy
  • well, you knew it had to happen jj!!
  • but I'm sure there are some who would be into that scene caspar
  • the mind boggles
  • CASPAR!!! I'm shocked that you should sink to his level. I thought you were such a nice, if slightly sandy, boy.
  • sorry i had one too many guinesses last night

    i do apologise and do not condone that sort of activity in any way

    this is what happens when you get injured- you go off the rails
  • Pubathon: Game of darts; game of pool; game of dominos

    Old-manathon: Round of golf; dig the garden; wash cardigan

    On a more serious note - any triathlon variable that has something other than swimming. I'm carp at swimming :o(
  • did you mistype that on purpose to feed a witty response.....very clever
  • I didn't spot the witticism - carp is a forum clean up of a sweary word.

    Er, why am I admitting to that......

    Yes, of course it was a deliberate misspelling for effect, Daz, well spotted.

  • When I was on climbing in Fontainebleu (hmm, spelling. Anyway, it's in France) I saw a poster for a triathlon - climb/bike/run.

    Would have been far more entertaining the other way round - have you ever seen anyone try and climb after they've b*lloxed themselves on a run - very funny! (not for the climber, mind)

  • try this

    Swimming: 3.1 km

    Road Bike: Distance 88 km, climb 2145 m.

    Mountain Bike:Distance 30 km, climb 1180 m.

    Mountain Run:Distance 25 km, climb 2175 m.

  • I was chatting to a guy at Derby who was on his first triathlon, his strongest discipline happened to be golf, so maybe swim/crazy golf/run
  • Thats a good one! Does it matter about number of shots per hole. Maybe just get it in as quickly as poss.

    a tri involving pogo-sticks and space-hoppers might be quite good. 80s-tastic!
  • Didn't realised a tandem triathlon existed. Check it out:
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