PB for me

Last night I did my local short (3m) training run in a personal best of 25m.

First run for a week,
spent all last weekend troughing myself stupid,
couple of late nights,
birthday on Wednesday involving cakes alcohol & huge Chinese meal

Got darker faster than I expected & running on unlit roads.

1 bottle of red wine & fell asleep watching the final episoade of the XFiles so missed the end!

Sorry to be so self-indulgent, but I guess you understand.


  • Congrats Nick. It's great to hear from someone with a healthy approach to running (and no, I'm not being ironic). I usually go for something similar but with higher mileage to increase the acceptable red wine consumption.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Funny that, isn't it? I ran my first race (my only one so far!) - 5K - on a Sunday, following a Saturday consisting of a Burger King cheeseburger meal for lunch followed by a Sainsbury's takeaway curry meal in the evening, accompanied by beer (OK, I went easy on the beer).

    Ran the race (very muddy and narrow in some places, necessitating dramatic reduction of pace, and culminating in a large hill going UP) in 26 minutes, after about two months of very on-off training.

    Gave me the buzz, though, to start a proper training schedule: can now run my training route (hilly 3.6 miles) in 28 minutes, and hoping to keep bringing it down.

    Nothing wrong with occasional junk food binges in my opinion!!
  • Well done Nick. Always good to get a PB, even if it's not "official".

    If it's any consolation, it was the worst episode of X-files I've ever watched, so you didn't miss much.
  • Disagree with the x-files comment.
    It ends 9 years of speculation for Mulder and opens his eyes to Scullys belief in something more powerful than aliens (ie God/afterlife -otherwise why all the ghosts helping him)
    Good news if you missed it is that its repeated on Monday (I think) but check your sky guide.
  • I fully support this self-abuse diet malarkey and to the guy to whom I commented during the last 3rd of Sunday's Half Mara - "I'm beginning to realise that Pizza, Chips and Beer do not a successful Half Marathon runner make" - I LIED AND GOT A PB !!!!!

    Go Heineken !!!!
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