Ankle support and Tigerbalm

Due to injury I am wearing a neoprene ankle support for a strained peroneus brevis muscle. On the packaging it says WARNING: Do not use with heat creating balms (or words to that effect). Why does it say that? I am using tiger balm on my ankle at the moment and since I'm doing 20 miles on Sunday dont want my ankle to spontaneously explode. Is it something to do with the fabric..I cant think personally.


  • Some oils will corrode noeprene. I don't know if heating creams are oil based. I know most claim to be non-greasy, which is a blatent lie. I think that the creams work best when exposed to air, which the support would deny. I don't know what the outcome of this would be - it maybe that the 'heating' ingredients burn you or something. Who knows.
  • You can get a nasty itchy red rash if you use things like Tiger Balm under occlusion. On the value of heat-generating rubs, or the wisdom of running 20 miles when you need a support on your ankle, I shall say nothing.
  • Mmmm...the 20 mile thing is due to me doing the Dublin marathon in 4 weeks time...the sensible part of me is saying rest but there is another part that desperately wants to get another 20 miler under the relaity I'm gonna do some concious 'check points' in my run and if I feel that things are not feeling good will turn around again. Well, thats the plan anyway. On the heat generated rubs - my physio is equally convinced if you know what I mean..but surprisingly a generous dose of tiger balm on the affected area in the last couple of days does seem to have helped but of course you never really know!
  • On another thread, someone has posted words of extreme wisdom which probably apply to you (albeit slightly edited):

    Better to turn up for a race 90% fit and 100% uninjured, rather than the other way round. Ditch the 20 miler - you know it makes sense!
  • obviously all attempts to dissuade you will be useless but............

    if you exacerbate the injury, what good will the 20-miler have done when you're cheering the runners on from the sidelines with a pint of guinness in your hand?
  • I also have a strained peroneus brevis muscle - does the ankle support help? Do you know of any rehabilitation exercises.
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