Denmead 10K

Thinking of doing this race, its the week before the Great South Run so could be some good training.

Has anyone else done this and is it very hilly???


  • Know one has replied Zoe! I'll see what I can do.

    The Denmead could be described as undulating. Nothing too bad and there is a bit of flat too. From memory there is a climb at around 1.5km on the way to the Chairmakers pub. Then a bit of flat before more climbing around 3.5k and another around 4.5k. Nice bit of down and along a lovely little lane back to the Chairmakers. Up the same climb as 1.5 but from the other side before dropping down for the run in. Hills are not too long and steep.

    Why not give it a go? You still have a week to recover before the Great South.

  • Thanks Tom,

    Even though I live in Gosport I have never even been to denmead, I try to do as many 10K's locally, supporting local clubs etc even though I dont belong to a club myself.

    Think I will give it a go, I did Winchester 10K last year and that was described a hilly and it was not too bad!

  • Did the denmead last year...from memory one stretch of incline, but not too bad!. 

  • Im running!! My first offical race this year imageimage

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