Chelmsford 10K 1012

Any idea when I can enter 2012 Chelmsford 10K and how ?

Have written to Chelmsford Athletic Club with no answer as yet.


  • Title should have read Chelmsford 10K 2012...............Doh !image

  • THey're not exactly shouting about it, are they?  I can't find any mention of it on their website.

    Maybe do the Billericay 10k instead?


    there's a link to an entry docx under "news" but I can't open it...image

  • I had the same issue and could open it, I have now recieved an email with an attachment and cant open either, just sent it to my work lap top and it opens, its the entry form whoop whoop !

    I have the same issue every year that there is no flyers on cars etc, it finished off my year for racing. Ingatestone 5, Tiptree 10, Billericay 10K and then finish off with Chelmsford 10K 

  • Success...I managed to open the link today!!image

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