Paul Radcliffe

GREAT NEWS....BBC Grandstand on Sunday 13th october will be showing LIVE, the entire race as nuemro uno, the one and only, the FAB, Paula Radcliffe goes for the win and hopefully a new world's best. Its brilliant. After PR's pb (what another one !!! - at the Nike 10k at Richmond Park), its looking good. So, after the Kingston 16miler, i'm heading off home to relax and cheer on PR. Can't wait. My motivation for breaking 1:38 at Kingston is PR.


  • Excellent news,can't wait.
    Has anyone told Paula about the RW forum?
    With such a wealth of experience she might be able to get some tips.
  • Isn't she great?!
    got to be BBC Sports Personality of the year by a mile (in true PR fashion)
  • What time is it on, UK time I mean?
  • Mine to!
    Shes such an insparation.
    Talented and gutsy.
    Mind u I wouldnt want my husband as a coach!
    That would be the quickest way to the divorce court for us. :o)
  • I remember running at 5.06 pace. I was doing 200 metre reps!

    Amazing to realise though just how fast that is. Add to that Marathon endurance....phenomenal.
  • Paula is simply fantastic,she has been such an inspiration for me,whenever i am struggling while training or racing i just think of Paula.
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