gastroparesis and running

hi runners world

i'm a student in germany and have been diagnosed with gastroparesis and i cant find other runners that have this. im hoping someone on here will.  how do you cope with the pain and fatigue, oh and the food. i wanted to do a half marathon next month but now everythings on hold. can anyone help?

thank you




  • Well done to you Gemma for even continuning to run as long as you have. I've recently added this syndrome to my collection (lucky me) but am hoping it goes away once some other issues are sorted. 

    If you are in a lot of pain and are tired, focus on getting your GP sorted first. There'll be more races. Sorry. 

    Working out what to eat is tough for anyone with GP, let alone trying to fuel a run. FWIW sports gels are obviously good boosts because they are so easy to digest but the crap in them now seriously play on my stomach. You may be okay though. No idea if there's GP friendly gels. is a great site and the girl who runs it is very pro eating normally and not relying on crap food.

    If you do decide to do this, your fueling is going to be difficult. It's bad enough just eating normal food and trying to avoid anything with fibre image , let alone adding in extra calories. If you can eat enough though, stick to GP friendly stuff and try any eat a bit of it more often. Also try some shakes to try and up your cals a bit easier. I've no idea if that'd be easier after a long run.

    Btw, if you PM me, I'll send you some FB links but noone in them is running.

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