Runners World How to Enter FLM 2004

Like Runners World, I too have updated my guide to entering the London Marathon and fortunately the dates are the same as the one in Runners World ;-)

So if you want to read a slightly longer article check out my signature below.

Good luck to everyone entering and let's share experiences of getting in (or not!)

My Guide to entering the London Marathon


  • Annie M - both your article, and the RW piece, forget to mention that UKA affiliated members can get a guaranteed championship place if they've run under 2:45 (men) or 3:15 (women) in a marathon since January 2002.
  • Thanks Donutto

    I'll update mine later and then at least I can say I'm one step ahead of Runners World ;-)

  • Thank you so much for the link to Uli's site for overseas entrants. I'm an Irish runner (relative beginner) interested in applying for a lottery place in FLM 2004.I've e-mailed Sports Tours International to find out the procedure for overseas runners and have received no response what so ever. When you click on the link it tells you all about accomodation etc. which is of no interest to me as I have family in London. All I wanted was to find out how to get an entry form so I could be included in the lottery.
  • It's a very nice article, Annie, but why don't you mention this website and its forum community in it?

    If the forum underneath your article had been used since July 2002, I'd have put a message there ;-)
  • Meowww!

    Saucer of milk for Mr Fishpool!

  • Fair point Mr Fishpool and no sooner said than done and only too happy to oblige.

    I actually spend more time in this newsgroup than the Yahoo one anyway as it's far livlier ;-)
  • Now THAT was funny, Mr F!!
  • group hug all round...

    thanks Annie
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