Should I or shouldn't I

I am due to run the GNR next week but am a little unsure as to what I should do this weekend.

I was planning a long lonely run prior to the big one but have now found upon a local 10KM this Sunday.

In anyone's opinion will running the 10KM have an adverse effect on my run at the GNR (I am looking at a time around 80 mins depending upon traffic!!!)


  • How long were you going to do on your own - if was about 6 miles you might as well do the 10k and get acclimatised to running with people around you. If you were planning to do significantly more/less stick to your original plan

    Either way enjoy GNR, good luck
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    John, I always try to do a 10k the weekend before a 1/2 marathon or marathon and I feel that it has helped. It will certainly be more beneficial than a long slower run.

    By the way if you're hoping to do a 1:20 then get as close to the front as you possibly can because it's a nightmare getting through the slower runners.
  • Thanks for the comments, I'll race and just add and extra rest day next week.
  • 80 mins? Bl**** hell!
  • If you can run an 80 minute half, we should be asking for your advice not the other way round!
  • I am waiting for it all to fall to pieces around me.

    I started running in June as a replacement for cycling which work commitments have forced me to give up.

    Since June I have run 3x 10Km with a PB of 36.09 and 3x10miles with a PB of 61.20 hence progression states that I should be aiming for 80 mins in the 1/2.

    As i said though I am running blind and haven't really attained any knowledge yet as to how to train and what I should or should not be doing in the week leading to a race, hence the original question.

    If anyone wants any tips in relation to cycling though I am more than happy to oblige!
  • Does this mean that Drew will have a forum running partner to match him ????
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