Unusual sexual positions

Being a rather inflexible animal, I'm not much good as a contortionist, but I do find the missionary position a little staid.

Soixante-neuf is o.k., as long as you have a glass of water standing by.

When it comes down to it, doggy style suits me best I s'pose.

Anyone got any others?


  • Don't you dogs lick each other in strange places too?
  • Oh yes. But not for publication.

    We'll get Cazzed for it!!!
  • No.... didn't want details thanks RB....
    fancy seeing you on this thread though!
  • Yes Rats, got any additions to the existing knowledge on the subject, or are you just going to heckle from the sidelines?

    Foxy, soixante neuf IS the human equivalent of doggies licking each other in strange places..
  • Is that the same for foxes then?
  • How about the "Seb Coe"

    Coming quickly from behind at the end of a quickie.
  • Hey, us four legged creatures have to stick together you know; anyway, dogs and foxxies come from the same anatomical line.
  • 53N - 4W
  • Snoop, we usually do stick together quite nicely already!

    Is that your current position Oldbones?

  • At work, would be unusual
  • Foxy - that would be telling!
  • Well, it wasn't in enough detail for me... that was on the top of a hill somewhere quite nice.... Unless you're trying to tell us that you are a bit of an outdoor type - in the wild undergrowth....
  • STOP THIS>>>> I'm being corrupted!
  • Wonder if any runners have ever fancied each other during a race and nipped into the bushes............
  • All that sweat and lycra!!!!
  • Or runner fancies spectator or vice versa??
  • Hmmmm - how would that work ?

    'Oh, I'm on here for a PB for the Marathon, oh hello gorgeous - race here often ?'

    I know its happened on Transatlantic Flights, but that'd be the free booze. Now if they started doing booze at the feed stations instead of water - I could possibly believe it. Maybe.
  • OK. Maybe this thread should be more about unusual or exciting places that you have done the deed rather than unusual positions..

    On the beach for instance???
  • Jacquzzi at the gym any good?

    Cougie: you never know what's round the corner....never say never!
  • Steam room would be a good one.
  • Wolfy!!!

    Jacuzzi at the gym sounds cool..

    I hope you knew your partner???

    I guess you did by the end anyway!!!
  • Caz,

    Did you do it or are you thinking about it?
  • Wolfy - I'll believe it when I see it.

    Hey - all inspired to go for a nice long run on Sunday now ! ;-)
  • Great thread!

    In the cock loft with my feet in the water tank!
  • Ratbag, no never done it, but at least you can see how fit they are as they already have their kit off.

    As for thinking about it, it depends who's in there when I'm in there.
  • Caz: steam room was the intention but the gym was busy so Jacquzzi a little less risky!

    Ratbag: I did know my partner and it certainly encouraged him to get out of bed at 6.30am in the morning to join me at the gym...he's lost lbs!

    Cougie: Opportunity knocks at the strangest times!!! I shall keep my eyes open during the Dublin marathon for any such liasions in the bushes and will report back!
  • In the bar of a very, very quiet posh hotel and restaurant in Gloucester whilst c.20 people were watching the footy 10 foot away in the snug!

    My partner, same one as jacuzzi, cheered at the wrong time which was a bit of a problem!
  • Grief - you're all up to it !

    Discretion prevents me from admitting to any of the places mentioned yet. ee hee hee.

    I think the cock loft with feet in the water must be the strangest so far !
  • LOL.

    You seem pretty adventurous Wolfy.

    Was this recently or in your carefree youth?? (Maybe you're still young and carefree!!)

    On a crowded beach and in a gardens that was open to the public...

    In my youth (ish)
  • Last 12 months!

    You're never too old!

    Cock loft with feet in the water tank....mmmm must try that one, very weird!
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