New Balance 855

I received a SportShoes Unlimited brochure yesterday and noticed that New Balance have brought out the 855 (presumably as a replacement for the 854). Anyone tried them yet?


  • FF - do you use the 854? I got a pair yesterday after giving up on Kayano's after having had 4 pairs. The guy in the shop did tell me they were about to be replaced by the 855 but he gave the impression they weren't available yet.
  • Got myself some 828's v good. They give you that, .... "go faster feeling".
  • They aren't available yet. Soon, though.
  • Does this mean we can expext to see 854s reduced soon ? Very interesting.......
  • Oldbones - I'm on my 3rd pair of 854's. I love 'em!! Never had a single blister or black toenail. If the price of 854's does come down when the 855 go on sale, I will problem buy a couple more pairs.
  • Problem should read probably. Doh.
  • So are these 854 similar to the brooks beast or grid stabil in there support and cushoning. Only asking cos you all have worn them and love them, and I need a strong pair of trainers to help cure some of my pronation
  • FF - couldn't try them over the weekend because I was doing a longlong run but they will get their debut tomorrow - I'll report back. I see the 855's are on sale in the current RW.
  • Fiver off the 854's in Sportshoes supplement in RW this month.

    (I'm gonna play the market and hold out for a bigger drop - this is exciting !)
  • Most good sports shops ie not JJB etc will give club members 10% discount. Also Sweatshop give URWFRC 10% now. One of the ad's in the latest RW had 854's at £59.99 + p&p (£3.00). I'm holding out for £45 then it's buy buy buy. Where's my stockbrokers phone number gone?
  • I'm upset! I went out a couple of weeks back and purchased the local Running Shop's stock of 854s in my size at full price... AAAAAGH!!
    That'll teach me patience.
  • Ditto Dangly: bought the beloved 854's last week (told 855 out in February so too close to marathon). Trouble is they never have my size in these "sales" (UK12.5, 2E)!
  • Have you tried the New Balance Factory outlets for your size Gumby?
  • ran in the "new" 854's yesterday (first time with this make) and they were so comfortable. Would like to use them in marathon in 4 weeks so if I did another 6 or 7 tomorrow could I try them for the 20 on saturday or is that too early?
  • Fat Face,

    No. Where are these "outlets"?

    All the best,

  • There are 3 of them, all in Cumbria but they do mail order. Basically, they are slight cosmetic seconds (I can't tell). The phone number for one of the shops is 01931716333,ask for the numbers of the others. They don't normally have my size in as it is fairly common (8.5/2e) but you may just be lucky with the large sizes. I paid £40 for my last pair from there.
  • Thanks Fats, lets hope the transition to 855 in smooth. I remember 851 as good then 853 as bad. Now they've got it right IMHO with the 854 NB should stick to the dictum that "if it aint broke don't fix it!"
  • the 855 is not avaliable until jan 03, and with the 854 being a good shoe, don't expect the store to discount it for a while
  • Was at the Factory shop yesterday in Flimby 01900-802850 and bought some 854's size 12.5 2E for 50 pounds, needed some new shoes after achieving a PB in the Great North. They still have a couple of pairs of this size left. Good Luck.


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