ITB (iliotibial band) Syndrome


I have my first half marathon in 3 weeks on 7/10, however after todays training run (13miles), i was suffering from a pain on the outside of my knee, which i believe is Illotibal band syndrome. The HM is on a hilly course which i have been running over the last few weekends in preparation and after today i was going to start cutting the miles down.

How long do you believe i need to rest the knee for, noting my half is in 3 weeks ?

Many thanks in advance


  • Last time it happened to me I rested it for a week without much improvement, but a bit of physio loosened it up and I was OK to run the next day.
    Unless the pain is just time-on-feet syndrome or caused by worn out shoesimage 

  • try a foam roller massage.

  • I have got the same thing. I have a half marathon in 2 weeks and was starting to get the miles down and was upping the temp in order to get a good time and the old curse of runners knee appeared. I spoke to a doctor and he advised that really at this stage my legs will have the distance in them and the atmosphere of the day would get me round. He advised resting it completely for a week with maybe a bit of cross training than just a couple of short runs just to keep the legs moving. He did also say a trip to the physio would do it wonders but the chance of that happening on the NHS in 2 weeks is slim. I have found using a foam roller helps loosen everything up but to start with hurt like hell (almost like the wife was kneeing me in the thigh at night) The positive was that he said it shouldn’t be a permanent problem and once i have rested and had a bit of physio should be back to normal.

  • You could have a sports massage, bloody painful on right ITB image

    I used to have regular sports massages ever 4-6 week at ??40 for an hour. For financial reasons I gave them up image Brought a Grid foam roller the Thursday after Brighton marathon and roll my legs and did London marathon on the Sunday. Have not had a sports massage for over 2 years image Also massage my own legs now too. My roller cost me ??35 and is still going strong.

    My massage man use to say if you stretch and did strengthening exercise I wouldn't need to visit him.
  • Right = tight
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