Windsor Half-Marathon

Anyone else doing this? The other threads on Windsor are all about people selling tickets but no one seems to have started one to actually discuss the race.


  • I've done this before but not this year. Assuming it's the same course as normal, It's hilly, two laps, drinks half way, quite nice place to run I guess. I ran my worst ever half marathon time there last year so have bad memories, but I had run an ultra the week before so wasn't 100%. I'm sure it's not as bad as I remember. Enjoy!

  • I've done it a few times and will be back again this year. The course changed a couple of years ago and if I remember it took out one long hill towards the end that everyone struggled with. It's undulating so not one for a PB but it's nothing terrible. Always seemed to coincide with a hot weekend and the 1pm start not ideal but it's gone back a week this year. The finish back towards windsor castle is stunning but the castle just never seems to get any closer. Enjoy!

  • busy, beautiful, hilly and the crowds are amazing, has a real 'tour de France' feel in certain parts of the course! Drinks are every three miles I think, not just at half way. And last year was a choice of water or lucozade.

    Neil C is right, big hill circa 10/11 miles but then a wonderful straight downhill into the finish. Enjoy!

  • So how did everyone do?  Was a bit hillier than I extected.

  • It was way hillier than I expected, but awaiting results according to my watch a 2 minute PB! image
  • Lovely course, my first Windsor half, one I would do again, I like the hilly bits, picking people off all the way up!

  • I really wasn't expecting it to be so hilly. I've done all my training on the flat and found it tough going downhill.

    Hello everyone by the way.

  • My first time doing Windsor too - thoroughly enjoyed it.  It wasn't as hilly as i thought it would be although there were a couple of sneaky climbs and managed to match my best half time which i was pleased with.  Very scenic run....had to keep reminding myself to look around a bit as it was so beautiful.  Only slight negative for me was that i thought that half an hour before the start would give me enough time to queue for the loo but it didn't - they actually delayed the start by 5 minutes because of the loo & baggage queues!  All in all a lovely run - a nice, dog friendly/family friendly venue so thumbs up from meimage

  • managed a PB to my surprise, I put it down to the weather which was much kinder this year and I started a bit further forward - around the 1:45 marker and there wasn't much congestion in the first mile. look forward to next year.

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