Dry Triathlon

We have a civil service dry triathlon in october and recently had some info from the organiser on the race format. It doesn't seem right to me to have equal time-weighting on both the row, x-bike and treadmill. But maybe that's just me. Wondered what you thought. This is what was said:

Thank you for your email. Please find the information about Dry Triathlon Competition:

1. There will be an individual men's & women's event.
2. The dry triathlon will consist of 3 pieces of equipment. A Concept 2 rowing machines, a treadmill & an upright bike.
3. You will use the rowing machine for 5 minutes have a break for 5 minutes, use the treadmill for 5 minutes & then have a break for 5 minutes & finally use the upright bike for 5 minutes.
4. All machinery will be identical. The Concept II resistance level will be set at 5. Upright Bike and treadmill programmes to use will be manual.
5. The winner of both the men's & women's event will be the person who has covered the longest distance in the 15 minutes on the equipment.
Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any further queries.



  • 5mins rest in between and only 15mins - very "Big Softy"
  • Daz I guess it's more of a thing designed to get as many peeps involved as possible, so its not gonna be as hard as your real world Tris.

    Sounds fun though.
  • yes im looking forward to it, dont get me wrong. def a weird format. but i like to whinge with the organiser...
  • I think it sounds rather splendid. If everything's fixed very firmly to the ground, even *I* could do that!
  • though I take issue with being called a softy. I'm tuff, I am. Grrrr. Pffft!
  • i wouldnt call dwain chambers a softy for only running for 10secs!!!!
  • heh. Now THERE's a pair of thighs that's bigger than even MY waist!
  • JJ - stop picking on Daz. He's just big boned !

  • sounds extremely painful...

    3x5mins anaerobic interval session on diff machines

  • *lol* Cougs

    {Jj checks to see if her waist is bigger than Daz and Cougie's entire bodies combined]
  • Hey - stop combining us ! No 'PGI' here thankyouverymuch.
  • [Jj tries to look wordly and sophisticated, failing somewhat]


  • This sounds good I might have a go at this in the gym next week to see how far I get- OK OK I know I'll be exactly where I started but ...
  • Daz, is this for civil servants only? Is it organised through CSSC? Any entry forms & all that?
  • yeh you have to be a member of cssc. are you gavo?
    the winners get to compete in the finals in barbados!
  • on a separate note, does anyone know where i can buy a triathlete girlfriend? is there a shop? ive been saving up.

    daz (had a sheltered life)
  • Daz - please tell JJ what PGI means in Tri Language.

    Hmmm - buy a Triathlon girlfriend.

    You could come to Chester Tri next year where they run a ladies only event ? Odds stacked in your favour there I think.
  • You could place a small add in 220 ....

    ... While your on ask for 2

  • Ebay, boys?
  • [Jj cursing that she looks so daft in a swimming cap]
  • You beat me to it Will, I was going to say put a classified ad in 220 *LOL* I bet you'd get replies! I reckon you should do it!!
  • And JJ - who doesn't!?
  • Be careful of any that are "sold as seen" they may have baggage- and I don't mean super paniers for the bike like I bought from Halfords the other day.
  • (Knew I could get the subject back round to gear somehow)
  • But they could well have saddlebags.
  • lol cougie!
    btw, when is the chester tri?
  • Daz, to answer the earlier question then I am a member - I'll look it up on their site. Should beat my lardy colleagues anyway (although with only 5 mins on the treadmill that's hardly time to warm up).
  • June, Dazzle.
  • nice one gavo

    everythign seems to happen in june!
  • Daz, couldn't see owt on the cssc thing - if you have a link then please let me know. Ta.
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