Hello, New, out of shape and overweight.

Thought I would say Hello,

I am 30 years old, 6ft tall and weigh just over 20st.

Been putting this off for a while but after reading articles and posts on here I am ready to start now.

I tend to eat quite unhealthy food and do little or no regular exercise. I am at the stage where this has got to stop and want to lose weight, get healthy and get more active. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t lie on the sofa all day, I work very hard and I am quite active just not active enough!

Already started to change my eating habits now I need to start on fitness.

I have read quite a lot on here already, but any advice is most welcome and I look forward to learning more and progressing with my running.

Here goes!



  • Hi Archie,

    Welcome!  Starting a similar journey at the end of April (25lbs ago), IMO diet is the key to getting started.  I took the route of 5 small meals a day, limiting carbs later on in the day, smaller meals, good mix of lean proteim, veggies and fruit.  I chucked out all the low fat stuff (yogurt etc) and replaced with the full fat options.  The reasoning here is that low fat stuff tends to be loaded with other stuff to replace the fat.  Fat stuff may be fatty but a small amount fills you up and keeps you feeling full.

    I terms of weight loss I started on an exercise bike as I suffer with back problems.  I wanted to get down to 15.5 stone before starting to run, although running was my end game.  Made this a good goal to aim for.

    Now I'm following one of the many couch to 5k programmes and am finding it quite a challange!  .... but in a really good way.

    Sounds silly but if you have somebody that can take some photos of you in shorts along your journey, I'd really recommend you keep a photo log.  Weight and scales don't necessaraly tell the whole picture.  This really helps when times are tough and you don't think you're progressing.

    Think that's it!

    Enjoy image


  • Think your right about the diet, been trying hard for the last month to change my eating habits, it’s been hard though….lost half a stone so far so that has kept me motivated.

    The thing I am worried about is weather I am too heavy to start running? Should I lose more weight first and maybe do some cycling?

  • I think the best tip I can give you from my extremely limited (3 months) experience, is to buy your shoes from a proper running shop. They will analyse your running style and advise you on which shoes to buy. 

    I made the mistake of going to JJB and buying the nicest looking nikes I could find, they where great until I got to the point where I could run 5k, then I began getting pains in the arches of my feet. I found out I have high archs and the shoes I bought weren't supportive enough, I then had to fork out another £30 on arch support insoles.

    So it is wise to buy all your lovely new equipment (because we all know that is the best part of starting running.. right?) from a specialist shop. Im sure google will be your friend there.

    Good luck with your weight loss goals, and congratulations on already losing so much weight!!

    No one is too "heay" to start running mate, just take it really slow and if something starts bothering you, call it a day. No need to go too fast too soon image

  • Hey Archie,

    Best of luck with the new life that lies ahead of you, you are in the best possible place for advice and support!

    I have recently lost five stone myself and am still slogging away at the last 10 pounds, and I can't tell you how much better life is at this weight. Even just getting out of bed is so much easier, the aches and pains have gone, and when I am running now I feel like I am bounding along like a greyhound! (Not that I look like a greyhound just yet!)

    There was a time when I stepped on the scales and saw 16 stone 9 pounds, and felt like it was such a huge amount to lose that I would never get there; but if you have patience and just stick at it you will get there too.

    Take it easy to start with, don't try to do too much too soon, and keep a record of your success to inspire you in the difficult times. Best of luck!

  • Hi Archie

    If you think you're maybe not ready to run yet, you could walk... then when you;re ready add in some short bursts of running? Couch to 5k is a great way to get started.


  • Thank you all for your advice and encouragement. I plan to start the Couch to 5k plan, with my first run tonight….looking forward to getting started at last!

  • Another quick tip Archie, the first run will be the hardest by far, I felt sick after my first run and was really down about it when I got home. I was about to give up that early! Then my mum started encouraging me to get up and out the next day and I went and loved it. I haven't missed a run since image

    Try and surround yourself with people who want you to succeed and tell them what days you are planning to run, that way if you don;t go because you aren't motivated they can keep you accountable and encourage you to keep going.

    Good Luck!

  • Cheers Jake, luckily I’ve got lots of support and encouragement (or instructions and orders) from my daughter and my missis…can’t back out now!

  • Well done Archie. I began running just this morning after planning to do it for the last 12 months. I have to admit that I ached after my first run but I have to admit that I am proud that I made it out and am already planning my first 5k at the end of November. I am trying to find a running partner/group for my level as I know that getting out when its cold and wet will be a challenge and any moral support will be essential!

    I look forward to hearing how you get on, best of luck!

  • Nice one Gareth, well done mate, I have been putting it off for some time as well, but I have run out of excuses (pardon the pun) will be good to see how we both get on over the next couple of months.

  • Done it.

    I knew it wasn’t going to be easy…. and it wasn’t, but I am just glad I’ve started.

    Struggled on the last two 60 second runs, missed maybe 10 seconds off but that’s ok, I’m taking it slowly and I’ll get there.

    It’s a good feeling to have started and I can’t wait for the next run.

  • Well done Archie. image You have done the two hardest parts: 1) admitting you have to do something to get yourself fitter and lose some weight and 2) the hardest of all, getting out there and doing it the first time. you can be proud of what you have done.image

    Slow and steady is the only way to do it - and don't be tempted to weigh yourself to often. I would suggest you choose a day and only weigh yourself on that day and try and do it as close to the same time.

    I totally agree with Jake, tell people who you know will support you what you are doing and what your long term aim is. I am training for my first marathon as a fundraiser and knowing that lots of people (and its probably hundreds now) know what I am aiming for gives me that extra boost to get out each morning and really push myself.

    Best of luck and keep it up.

    PS please keep us posted on here as you will find loads of support on here and we all want to know how well you are getting on.

  • Well done Archie!

    There will be no stopping you now! Your wife and child are going to be so proud of you.

    Sometimes when I am flagging a little I picture my children cheering me on, and it gives me such a boost.

    Why not plan a treat for yourself as a reward for all you hard work? Have something in mind for the first week and something bigger for the first month. Not a food treat, mind, but some nice new running gear is always good - and when you are out running in it you will be reminded of how far you have come.

    Woohoo for you!

  • What Springle says about treating yourself is a great idea, although sometimes it is money dependant there is loads of cheap gear out there and when you reach a goal rewarding yourself with a new top or piece of gear is a great feeling!

    Congratulations on getting out there and going for it! It really is the hardest part, and I have heard people say that they wanted to run for a few years, but never had the guts to go and do it! You have and I applaud you. As said before lots of great support and encouragement on this site, and im sure there is someone on here with the answer to most questions you might have, so don;t be afraid of asking.

    I miyself am out now to go and buy a new pair of shorts for doing my first ParkRun last Saturday!. 

    Good Luck with your runs in the future, what day is your next run so I can know when to check this thread for your update?!

  • CelticRunner, Springle and Jake, thanks for your kind support and advice!

    Just glad I got over the first hurdle. Jake, I’m going to go back out early tomorrow morning before work, hopefully will be able to complete it in full this time.

    Cheers! ......image

  • Archie

    It's a great feeling achieving little goals whether weight loss or fitness. I looked at as many mile stones as possible (BMI figures, % targets, seeing a new stone figure on the left hand side etc). I found being in compotition with my siblings good, biggest loser pays the least each week and Christmas we go away for the weekend on the pot of cash. That really helped focus when I know I've got to declare my weight each week.

    I think initially the amount of exercise doesn't burn enough calories to make as big an impact as a good diet. What it does do (really well) is change your attitude to your perceived life style, 'I'm a runner not a couch potato'. Also the advances in the early stages are brilliant, from gasping for breath running 30 seconds at the start to running 30 minutes eight or ten weeks later (don't worry how long it takes though).

    I would be careful about a lot of conventional advise though. I'm sure that the food and drink industry is to blame for the rise in obesity. I don't have any time for low fat, low calorie or diet foods. There is a lot of evidence that diet pops increase your chances of gaining weight and full fat milk is believed to help you lose weight and it doesn't strip out a lot of the nutrients.

    If I have any advise (not that I've quite reached my final goal yet) I'd say don't touch anything processed (even shop bought bread and cartoned OJ). Just have fresh meat, fish, dairy, fruit and veg. Watch the caffeine and don't eat between meals if you can. An old adage but I'm coming round to it actually being right.

  • Morning, been so busy at work this week! Not that I am complaining…..but i have been back out and really enjoyed it. Finished the whole pod cast without stopping early.

    Think I will repeat week one again just so I feel comfortable.

    I also changed the route this morning as well so it’s less boring. So now I’m running around a lake that just about takes the whole of the length of the pod cast, it helps me to have a bit of scenery along the way.

  • well done! No harm in repeating any of the weeks, you're still out there and enjoying itimage.

    I had a bit of a lighbulb moment, when I realised that even 'proper' runners allow themselves walk breaks sometimes; for some reason I thought that unless I could run non-stop, I wasn't a runner. Once you have started C25K, you are a runner!

  • Great to hear you are getting on well Archie!

    As previously said, there is absolutely no shame or harm in completing the first week twice, in fact I would recomend it to a beginner with no previous running experience, it adds that extra layer of protection to getting an injury from doing too much too soon.

    Most of the C25K programs are very good so I trust you will be running that full 30 minutes in no time! From there the sky really is the limit. If you ever get a little disheartened, which you might given this "lovely" british weather, just think how amazing it will feel once you reach your ultimate goal, I hope you have some treats planned too for when you break the 5/10/20/30 minute marks, I just think it is a sneaky way to get our hands on some fresh loot but, it can be a great motivator!

    Once again, glad you are finding it enjoyable and doign well, good luck!

  • Well done Archie. Feel free to repeat a week every now and again - remember its not a race. The more time spent now the less chance of injuries later on.

    Also the more enjoyable you find it the easier it will be to carry on.

    Keep up the great work.

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