How come the anti Islam DVD link below cannot be used?

Just curious?? Or is it just my PC?



  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    same for me. I think its been locked for comments and viewing by the moderators

  • Uh Oh were not going to cause more riots? RW forum starts world war three?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I think considering that the world and their uncle can see the thread - they could have been trying to be cautious.... but i didnt get a chance to read it so i could be talking a lot of bull....

  • I think it's just you two. Are you at work? Something blocking it?

  • Just curious as to what is deemed inappropriate on a website forum?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I'm at home and also tried from my ipad but all i see is a black link that cannot be clicked:



     I can see that KK has posted but not what she's posted as the page refuses to open

  • True could be the PC I am on perhaps. Not the end of the world was just curious as to whether it was blocked because of somthing sinister lol

  • I can't see it either, from Home or work, and laptop or Ipad, spooky

  • Just wondering whether the CIA have taken it down for intelligence lol

  • It's working for me...

  • so lets start our own, I've not seen the DVD, have no intention of looking, I am not going to riot, I do support the right to comment on whatever you see fit, but would say that freedom is no excuse to be plain insulting.

    Is this a genuine protest, or a continued attack on the western version of free speech, which will eventually take hold?

  • TheVicar - good point, I just wonder what Consultant they would bring in to recognise intelligence

  • I've not seen the DVD either, but I don't think any level of insult is justification for rioting, murder and destruction. 

  • The DVD- Well.......

    It's rather weird. Its cheaply made and it seems as though the people doing it have no idea what they are doing. But it is backed by people who are against Muslims it seems to be. But as for going crazy like they have-whats that all about. I try all the time to defend them but sometimes they cannot be defended and they don't help themselves do they? image

  • I can't get into the original thread from the listing, but you can access it by looking at the 'my forum' (then Debate this...) of someone who has posted on it.

  • Oh Wilkie you sneaky article, you beat the CIA

  • Link to the thread

    Does that work?

    The previous link is a nicely observed article!

  • Seems to work OK for me just clicking on it.   If it has been locked I can't see why - just because it's a religion - more people should poke fun at idiots that kill people because other people don't believe their fairy stories.   

  • Well done I'm in. I can go and stir it up a bit now lol

    Popsider-I never knew Mohammed was a fairy??

  • I think the inability to access certain threads is proof that the anti-witch software( that was deployed alongside the anti-spam software) is working. One out of two aint bad.

    We still burn witches here don't we? Or am I thinking of mumsnet?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hmm... Bookie you were too fast when i go to the link i get: UNKNOWN FORUM (0)

  • So you do! But there does seem to be a link to tast breakfast ideas instead! image

  • I am SICK of being told by RW what I can and can't talk about.

    Grow up FFS. We're adults.

    I realise you've not noticed yet. You've also not noticed that this place is dying. We're trying to give it mouth to mouth....

  • It's been removed. We're being gagged.


  • There is only one thing for this ladies and gents.

    We must march on London and smash it up and perhaps murder a few people then hopefully our runnersworld forum brothers and sisters from all over the world will take action too?? image

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