Women's sport on TV

I see that the New Culture Secretary Maria Miller has asked that TV companies look into the coverage of Womens sport.


The BBC hardly show any sport these days so maybe there is a gap that they could fill. I personally do watch some womens sports but they are mainly shown on Eurosport these being Biathlon and cross country Skiing both performed at a very high level.

I'm not sure womens football will be highly watched but what you guys and girls watch


  • But there the rub ...if womens sports are not shown on telly box how do they create an interest in certain sports. My daughter went to see both triathlons at the limpiks and is very interested in it, and has started watching it with me on telly. I suppose that that is not purely a women only sport and most of the coverage is quite even.

    I think in europe womens sport are shown far more,

  • TV companies will show what their research shows people want to watch, in order to attract advertisers.

    I would hazard a guess that most sport-watchers are men, and that they prefer to watch sports with male participants.  I'd also guess that most women watching football or rugby would choose to watch men playing, particularly if they support a team.

    The olympics doubtless had more people of both sexes watching sports that they wouldn't normally dream of watching, but that won't translate into significant changes in viewing habits.

    So nothing will change.


  • Sepp Blatter said Women should wear shorter, tighter shorts for television, and that homosexuality in Women's football was far more popular than mens, what hope is there for Women's football when a man like this (aside from his corrupt activities) is in charge of the game.

  • There are channels with a public service remit - I think it's fair enough for the govt to ask them to show more women's sport - for purely commercial channels it's up to them.  There are sports where the women's side gets decent viewing figures - athletics, tennis and I'd guess triathlon all have a pretty even balance of interest between the men and the women and there's no reason that couldn't be the case in other sports too given time.  I watch a lot of cycling and I'd rather watch the top women in a major event than some of the mens racing that gets shown on Eurosport if it was given decent coverage.  

    A bit of a tangent here but women's football in the UK doesn't help itself though.  My youngest daughter plays so I've sat down with her to watch a few matches from the women's premier league - absolutely awful long ball rubbish. 

  • it has never been the same since Live TV ended their topless darts coverage.

  • great idea.

    give zara the chance to excel in another sport.

  • KK - yes to be fair I've seen some international women's football and enjoyed it - which is one reason I was so disappointed with the womens premier league.

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