No running to sub 60 minute 10K in Six Weeks

Yesterday I ran my first 10K (Shrewsbury Seven Bridges) after 6 weeks of trainning, before that I had never run. I completed it in 54:46 and to say I was chuffed was an understatement.

I am now officially addicted, I never knew how rewarding running is. To anyone thinking of taking it up, START TODAY, it will be one of best decisions you ever make. I will be online today to book my next 10K and will be hoping to drop my niggling leg injury prior and post a sub 50 minute.

Kepp you posted.


  • Good work!

    I did the seven bridges too - you did a good time, and if you factor in the hills/switchbacks/road furniture and traffic, you should easily do the next in around the 50 mark. Keep it up!

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