Varied running

I have recently started running and just go out and do a couple of miles at the same pace, I want to mix it up a bit and try something different any one suggest any training sessions I could do?


  • Hey Steven I was in the same boat as you a couple of weeks ago and found the answer for me. 

    What I did was looked on all of the running forums around including this one for what the really good runners do. Sometimes in sport that can be a bad thing, and you can overtrain, so I just dumbed it down for myself image

    My week of running basically consists of:

    Monday: Easy run - The slow runs that I do are just me spending time on my feet, and trying to clock up a couple of miles each day, sometimes if I feel fresh after Saturdays ParkRun I will do another of these on Sunday.

    Wednesday: Hard run - I like to push myself on these runs and try to simulate as if I am going through the motions of a race, I start off slow then build to a tempo where I am in "controlled discomfort" This is probably my most important run of the week.

    Friday: Easy run - Same as Monday

    Saturday: Longer run ( I have just started attending ParkRun, a weekly timed 5k run, I highly recommend finding your nearest one and going, great fun! ) 

    So thats what my week looks like, however keep in mind I am also new to running with only little experience. I have read tons though, so like to think I know a little image

    As I get better I am going to include speedwork in to my week, but at the moment I am concentrating on increasing my endurance, to make those 5k runs that little bit easier. 

    I haven't really answered your question fully but I hope this helps a little bit. Im sure if your aim is to increase endurance and speed then the longer runs are really going to help you, have you looked at any 10k training plans? They could be exactly what you need!

    Hope I helped


  • Try a fartlek session once a week. Google it. It will add some variety. Also pick a day to go further and slower than usual to build up a long run.

    That's a start.
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