Last minute Half Marathon

I'm due to run a half-marathon in three weeks time but I was holiday for the last two weeks and didn't run at all. Before that, I was running three times a week with some speed training but my longest run was 6 miles. Can I get away with a ten miler this weekend and taper down before the half, or am I mad to even attempt it? I did do the London marathon in April but at a very slow five-and-a-half hours. Any advice welcome! 


  • Depending on your overall fitness you will get round, how easy you find it remains to be seen. I would advise that you run it very slowly and even adopt a run walk strategy.

    You probably don't need to taper as you should be well restyed now and you won't be racing. Just treat it as a long run or a fun event. If you ran 10 miles for your long runs over the next 2 weeks running 13 miles on the day won't be a problem. You won't be racing.

    You don't need to taper before a long run so just treat it as a long run not a race.

    I didn't taper before my first marathon, I ran 24 and 18,5 milers the week before and ran it as a LSR @ 9m/m pace.

    Just remember to take it easy and have fun. Don't push too hard and you'll be fine.

  • Thanks very much for the advice T Mouse. I think i'm going to skip this one, and train properly for another one in the future. For now, I'm going to stick to 5 and 10ks!
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