Ironman Wales 2013

So, despite the pirate blessing and a good measure of effort, the gods of triathlon did not see to it that I was to finish this gruelling race. I am soooo back next year, already booked accommodation. Who also wants a piece of this?


  • Inability to type and a befuddled mind also prevented me from properly naming the thread Ironman Wales 2013.
  • Hokori it was nice to meet you yesterday on the bikes you go and smash it next year.

  • Hokori - good to meet you on Saturday even though you did catch me doing my impression of the seven dwarves.

    Sorry the day didn't go your way, but good to see you're going back to beat it next year

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  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)
    Hokori - good to meet you on Saturday even though you did catch me doing my impression of the seven dwarves. 

    ha ha ha, that was hilarious image  I hope you didnt leave the bucket and spade in Tenby!

    Hokori, nice to meet you yesterday, if only briefly.  Im afraid my trip to Tenby was a bit of a flying visit, I wont be racing Tenby next year but hoping to come down to support.

  • FSQ time. IMUK doesn't seem as popular as the Outlaw, is that something to do with the cost, or is Outlaw a better event? There doesn't appear to much interest or excitement on the official IMUK FB site or on this forum come to mention it. Last stupid question, how quickly does the IMUK normally take to sell out.        

  • Barley - the best bit of the break was watching your brogues float out to sea whilst you built your sand boat image
  • Bad luck Hokori, great to meet you in transission though sad to see you out of the race early.  The weather wasn't doing the cycle route any favours yesterday that's for sure!  At least the cold shouldn't be a problem in Lanza image

  • Hi Hokori .. Was nice to meet you on Saturday. So sorry that the race didn't go your way .. Good to hear that you are coming back next year to slay the dragon though. Despite spending much of yesterday saying never again ... I also kind of like the idea of having another go... May see you there in 2013.
  • Hi Hokori


    Great to meet you, if only briefly on the Saturday, sorry it didn't happen for you on the Sunday.

    I won't be going back, but I am a firm believer that if at first you don't succeed then go back until you do.




  • Hi Hokori. Sorry to see you had to pull out this year. I think I will be planning on joining you next year for this one, after I walked up to the top of the hill after wiseman's bridge I am thinking plenty of hill training is the order of the day. 

  • Lovely meeting you, Hokori. Splendid "look" you managed to pull off with your long red shorts and matching calf guards. Not one I'll try to emulate with my colouring. Sorry that it didn't work out for you this time, but big respect for climbing back on for '13. Good luck!

  • Guys, I am so touched by all your comments. It was indeed brief moments I shared with you all but they were small intense pearls for me.

    Button, it was so much fun to meet and play cat and mouse for a bit on the way to Angle.

    SA and STIL, I saw you come home from my hotel room in front of the finishing chute. I was so happy for you guys. So deserved.

    Pingu, you were a blessing for sore eyes as both times we met in transition lifted my spirit. I am so grateful for that.

    Slag, I would be soooooo honored. If you do come to 2013 I will race with your name written on my calf guards. You are an IMW legend and I have so much respect for you and all that finished IMW as their first ironman that I cant describe it. And you have now 2 IMW notches ... respect.

    BBT, walking wisemans loses you what, 3min overall? Power through and I am sure people lost 10min bike overall and another 20 on the mara.... but please come back with me.

    STIL, dude, it took me 5 days to find something to match the damn BOSCO track jumpsuit since they did not have any remaining pants at the shop. It was a bold look but gave me a lot of looks on the day. I am a weird, vain and shallow dude ... I take it you did not like it? Hope to see you again soon mate.

    Barlos and Schmuu, I just love you guys ...

    I am already booked in on Lanza but I will race this again. It already feels like home anyway.

    You guys are awesome and the shouts of encouragement on the course are a testament to the respect the community has built over the years. If only I had finished. I am now even hungrier for it than ever before.

  • Hi Hokori!  It was lovely to meet you over the weekend.  Proper pirating on your part to shout my name as you saw the back of me walking away from you, that's why we have our names on our hoodies.

    I was really sorry to hear that you didn't make it round and I massively admire your determination to get out there again and smash it next year.

    I'll 'report' this thread for you now and see if we can get RW to retitle it for you.

  • why not leave this thread as the "official" IM Wales 2013 thread?  it's been started now

    just a thought

  • Yes that's what he wanted but he forgot to put 'Wales' in the title. They've done it for him now so this is the official imw thread.
  • Not that I am thinking of doing this as it looks far too hard.

    Did this race sell out this year?

  • OK Mouse - hadn't previously noticed the Wales was missing!

    Foggy - don't think it did sell out by any means

  • Foggy, no it didn't sell out but was 20% up on last years entries, next year probably more again.



  • I will keep my eye on it then.....just for a friend...


  • Hokori - i can't quote on the iPad but would like to reinforce Mouse's comment re introducing yourself when you see the supporters kit. You did that to me and initially took me by surprise, but I'm glad you did image
  • I dont think il do Wales again but im glad I did.What a race to do as my 1st IM.Good luck to all for 2013.
  • I guess it may have been a bit of over-excitement of my part shouting your forum names around ... please accept my apologies for any initial shocks incurred. I would like to say that you guys are an inspiration to me and the main reason for my Wales attempt instead of a german IM. I was starstruck!



  • Hokori....

    I was gutted when i heard you didn't make it..............

    I'm glad that you will be back next year.hopefully we will kick its ass togetherimage

  • You know what Seren? That was the consolation I gave myself! I thought, well at least I get to do it with Seren .... NICE image

  • Shall I start a list for IMW2013?

    Attempting the Dragon Kill

    1 - Seren nos

    2 - Hokori

  • I really hope Slag does make that decision to make it a hat trick. Amazing.

  • Decision made .. count me in ... so you have to put up with me in Lanza and Wales nowimage

    Attempting the Dragon Kill

    1 - Seren nos

    2 - Hokori

    3 - Slag

  • Will Button Mushroom be going back?



  • I think so yes... its subject to a little negotiation .. but he is determined to beat that course

  • i'm gonna have a crack at this one guys....i've had a horrible year this year through injury so i need an Ironman monkey on my back to get going again...gonna have a coach next year too..

    when do entries open??? (sorry if thats already been asked)



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