Ironman Wales 2013



  • I'm down this weekend.  Full swim and full bike, not bothering with the run.


    Bike will be intereting, still haven't gone over 75 miles this year, so it'll be a challenge.  Either a confidence boost, or a kick up the arese I need.


    Weather looking good too, and sea should be calm.

  • It shouldn't matter to you M tri whatever the sea is doing as you are a strong swimmer


    Mouse sounds like a cunning planimage

  • Flat Foo..ted wrote (see)
    Slagiatt wrote (see)

    blimey that's crept up a bit fast hasn't it 


    Its ok the beer filled 6 mile run on sunday night was top training

    Good point... i'll relax thenimage 

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Seren - a plan so cunning we could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel/stoat/fox?

    Slagiat - straight to taper then?

  • I can still see it!!!!! image

  • i think so Mouse

    See what Raf ?? 


  • slag...raf is referring to a silly drunken game last night.............well i presume he is image

  • Silly?? Drunken??

  • That doesn't sound at all like Rafimage 

  • Final RVFinal RV ✭✭✭

    Half Iroman tomorrow, anyone else doing Marlow on the way to Wales As part of Fink maybe?

  • now that wasn't a good idea.the ironman wales bike course today as part of sportive.....and anothe scorching day.........not too bad until 80 miles but then the wheels feel apart.........the heat got to me just like last week........there was not enough water stations considering the heat........

    I was getting shaky and clamy and goosebumps were appearing.........i just couldn't cool done.i stopped at the last water statuion and just lay doen and poured loads of water over me.....was praying that the brrom wagon would appera but it didn't......

    only 10 miles from the end so after another soaking set off as a lot of it was uphill........apart from a couple of the hardest hills on the course.......

    I definitely hate heat more than i hate hills


  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Yep. That was hot. I was terrified I was going to get cramp second time up Wisemans. 

  • Good skillz ladies  image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I got bought a pint at the end by some bloke. How cool is that? I must have stunk. 

  • Desperate was he ??    image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I don't know but he was even more impressed when he discovered he'd done the 72 mile one and I'd done the 112. 


  • worked out i was about 35 mins too slow for the cutoffs....

    but taking into acoount the incredible heat.....( have we ever had 30 degrees in september ever).....and the fact it wasn't open roads..........and the fact that we had to stop at the feedstations......I did stop for over 10 mins at the last one to try and cool down with bottles of water chucked all over me as I lay down.....

    and the fact I had done Outlaw 6 days earlier.......i will take that as  positive that i can find an hour easily on the day

  • I'm sure you will Seren. You were on tired legs in extraordinary (certainly for Wales) heat. You will be absolutely fine in September.

    Well done for yesterday girls. I found laying on a beach hard going so no wonder you found it tough!

    Well 'ard performance! 

  • 112 hot miles. Garmin gives an average temperature if 29.6 and a maximum of 36,  could not get enough fluid in. 

  • Final RVFinal RV ✭✭✭

    That sounds tough, Marlow half was hot, especially the run, heat was just reflecting off the pavements, a lot of people suffering out there.

  • places the melted tar on the roads was being stuck on the wheels and it was picking up all the grit.not nice at all.supreised there wasn't more punctures

  • Marlow was the hardest thing I've done (yet ) had major nutrition issues.. Body rejected the power bars I've been using, too much gel concentrate in my water bottle and then the run was like a furnace, was sick about 6 times and seriously thought I was going to pull up. Swim and bike were good though. And chuffed I finished! 6hrs 36

  • Finally after months updated my blog.. Here's the Marlow Musings..

  • I was on the long course w/end also. Had a good swim(apart from the wetsuit burns), a diabolical ride(pulled up after 1st lap, didn't make 1:30 cut off by 32minutes) because of heat, hills, lack of training, stomache cramping and mechanical issues (FFS). Have to admit Seren, that last water station in the shade was nirvana. Felt despondent about not completing it, had a load of sponsors, so went and drowned my sorrows. With have me another diabolical day running(walking) the marathon. Thats a long walk in when the 

  • .......wheels fall off at 28 km. image Managed to get in though, then carted off to medic corner for some tlc.

  • sorryif some of that ^^^^^^ doesn't make sense, hate typing on the fecking iPad.

  • Richards.........I would have been ok if I had missed the cutoff but was there in time and was waved on for the second lap.......will get back there next month on a cooler day and kick the bike course into touch........image

  • What time was the cut off for the sportive?

  • can't remember.we went off earlier than the long course weekend i think.we started going off just past 8......I got over the finish line about 5 mins beofre the long cpourse cutoff.......but the sportive must have been longer.......we had to get back to Tenby by 1:30.i think I was there about 1:15

  • Yep, same as our cut off then. I think I set off at 0837 from Tenby town centre. I don't think I would have been able to carry on even if I made the cut off, I couldn't take on any fluids/gels/etc. Too damn hot, I take my hat off to people doing these races in that type of heat, made me think again about Nice next year.

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