Ironman Wales 2013



  • I can only carry one bottle on my bike and can carry 300 ml on my tri bar bottle.but that got very warm very quickly....

     not enough with the distances between stations......

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    Edit as I can't read properly!

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    Chris James James wrote (see)

    Marlow was the hardest thing I've done (yet ) had major nutrition issues.. Body rejected the power bars I've been using, too much gel concentrate in my water bottle and then the run was like a furnace, was sick about 6 times and seriously thought I was going to pull up. Swim and bike were good though. And chuffed I finished! 6hrs 36

    You did it, it's not about what you start, it's about what you finish.  The roads in places were diabolical, I lost 2 of my bottles in the first 4 miles and by the look of it so did many others, they just bounced out of the cages.  I tried out a savoury snack on the bike leg for the first time in a race, I've been eating it on long rides so knew I'd handle it, Beef Jerky, the savoury, saltiness was lovely after so much sweet sickly goo & peanut butter bars covered in chocolate & beats a salt lick. That was my first Half Ironman, definitely do another, felt strong throughout & managed to cope with the heat well, I used a bandana soaked in cold water round my neck, it retained the cool water well & was a definite relief.  One of these

  • They look good!!

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    As lovely as this weather is, I'm realkly struggling to hit the pace I was prior to the heatwave, Sundays 2 hour run I only covered 13 and a bit miles, a few weeks earlier I was covering over 15 in 2 hours in Zone 1/2.  Just feeling lethargic all the time as well, motivation is on the wane, make it rain!  I'm even contemplating doing treadmill runs to be in an air conditioned gym, arggghhh!

  • i would love to hit that pace whatever the weather RVimage

    ran 2 days in a row so feeling happy that i am at last running again

  • Bouce.......managed 3 runs this week to ry and up my running whilst trying to maintain the many more weeks have we got for me to get hilly  marathon fit image


     see I'm so confident that I will get off the bike in time this year that i', training for the runimage

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    Rain last night and a chilly 18 degrees out there today, swim done might get a cheeky 60 miler in on the bike this afternoon/evening.

  • bounce... Not long now eh ... Just need to somehow do 6 months of training in 5 weeks ... Two of which I will be bikeless for .. And I'm set  

  • Factor in the taper and you have about a week left to do that six month training....image

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    I ran for an hour this morning, will that do?

    I forgot sun cream on my bike on Tuesday.  I have studiously managed to avoid tan lines all summer and 3 weeks before my first wedding, I get a set of humdingers.  Meh.

  • M..o.use wrote (see)

    and 3 weeks before my first wedding,

    How many times you planning to get married this year?

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    ha ha ha ha


    Three to go to, as far as I'm aware, none of them are mine.

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    Planning on riding the bike course Saturday, weather looks to be pony for the weekend, but then again, it's Wales so it's just liquid sunshine & let's face it the weather in September could be doing anything.

  • have fun on the bike course RV.Mouse..tanning wipes..its the way to goimage

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    Lovely day for it.  Set off from Tenby at 0645 & enjoyed the peace & quiet of Pembrokeshire.  Westerley wind all the way out to Angle, nice to get it on my back for the run to Pembroke.  The last 15 miles or so from Narbeth are real character building miles, but I've done it, with an hour to spare so psychologically that's a big one in the bag for me, not only that, this was my first ever century ride.

    Lessons learned today.....

    1: More sun screen

    2: Eat more often

    3: Big big handfuls of saddle cream next time

    Spoke to some local athletes as well, they think the swim course will change for this year, first mark bouy will move & the organisers have doubled the draft busters for the bike leg.

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    Funnily enough I like the last section from Princes Gate into town.  With the exception of the two hills, it's all downhill.

    Hmmm... not sure that makes any sense at all.

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    I know what you mean, there is a lot of downhill from Princes Gate, but, what goes down must go up again.

  • well done RV................funny they are increasing the draft busters as its not so much benefit from drafting on the hilly sectionsimage

    I would like to go for another recce on the weekend of the 17th August


  • Ssssoooooo anyone got a good pub to recommend for us all to meet up on Monday after and swap war stories from the race.?

  • I'm staying in the town so anywhere within walking distance would be good,......I didn't realise you were doing IMW flatfooted

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    From what I could tell of Tenbys pubs last night they're all full of gobby alcopop fueled yoofs, mind you holiday season is in full swing so I suspect they were host ly holidaymakers.

    good restaurant recommendation though, Plantagenet, service was a little slow but the food was amazing, not cheap though.

  • Always have been Seren, staying for the week after too.

  • My memory is going with my age.....


    just started raining here..was meant to bedry till mid morning tomorrow.........I'm trying not to chicken out of cycling through the night to devon......I don't fancy rain all night....

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    seren, do you need your bumps feeling?  Cycling through the night to Devon?

  • I've done it a few times..last summer and easter this year........I leave at midnight.....the family leave at 8 and hopefully we both arrive at 10 ish to get the caravan ready.....

    I was out at a wedding last night night though so a little tirieder than normal


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    Well enjoy that, it pissed down as I crossed the SSC on the way home this afternoon and looked pretty grim all along the Somerset coast down toward Weston Super Nightmare.  Hope it stays dry for you.

  • 30 days to go......image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Should we start training soon?

  • 29

    .I'm thinking of cramming the week before, high intensity, high volume sort of thing.


    And anyway alI need to do to be like the pros is wear calf guards to the race briefing....fact

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