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  • How's the IMW training going for everyone? I've started my 24 week plan and to celebrate I've caught a stinking cold! Still doing all right though and my training up until the end of this week was really positive.


  • hey guys, you might have read on the imuk thread that i'm out of wales.

    a new job (forced through redundancy) has to take priority and i'll be travelling too much to train properly.

    we'll still be down there cheering you all on tho!!!

  • I just wish the weather would sort itself out boo hoo!! I'm struggling with a foot problem but seem to be keeping on top of it so far hopefully.

    Andy - really sorry to hear that, but good news on new job.

    Ctpotato - so many germs around just now! Hope it clears quickly.
  • Final RVFinal RV ✭✭✭

    Week 6 of Fink, followed religously so far apart from a few weeks ago I ran the Bath Half, sod staying in HR Zone 2, its flat so PB possible, sadly not but a respectable 1:34 in the end.

    Long ride today was 2 hours, in the snow, I did it on my Hybrid, god it was hard work.


    Andy, I was in your boat a few weeks ago, I turned down a new job & one of the main reasons was I wouldn't be able to train like I do now, there were other factors but that was a big one for me.  This weather can't continue, can it?

  • hey final...yeah i know that feeling...couple of years ago i turned down a job so i can train....however...i feel i've nothing to prove now...i have the medal and although wales was important to me....the job i have landed is an amazing opportunity.

    i'll stay in the thread...and see you all at the finish in tenby!!!

  • I've posted an update on my Ironman blog, Chase The Potato.


    My cold's much better today, thankfully.

  • Ok, I'm now doing IMUK and IMWales, training was all going well until I picked up an achilles injury so running is now off limits for a few weeks although all seems ok with swim and bike. Bloody achilles injury means I can run a half marathon in decent time and then hobble for two days.

    Can't wait for Tenby (last year was superb). For those wondering about food intake, I finished the marathon last year on coke and ritz biscuits. My food intake plan went well until the run and started to unravel during the 2nd and 3rd run loops when my body decided my mind was a moron (something my wife already knew apparently!)

    Whatever your plan, you will finish.




  • Doing it for the first time this yr.. So daunting. God bless Mr Fink... Just wish the cold weather would vanish so I can get out of the torture chamber that is my turbo room... Anyone else finding as cardio endurance increases it's harder to get to a training HR without burning your legs off with Watts.. I know it's a good thing but God it hurts
  • I'm looking at this race for a first-time Ironman.  I've done the Wildflower half and will be doing the half plus Olympic distance the next day, this year.  It's considered a challenging course in the US.  I'm thinking Wales would be good for the climate, I need cool weather.  Are there many people who do this as a first time race?  I've heard that it is a competitive race, which scares me more than the race course.  I won't be doing it until 2014, just trying to prepare myself!

  • hi

     The climate will definitely be on the cool side........but hopefully we won't have the tailend of any more american hurricanes this please don't send one overimage

  • Two friends did it in 2011 (the hard year image), as their first ironman, having each only ever done a sprint and a half beforehand, and were successful.


    As to competitiveness, unsure, never get to the sharo end of a race

  • Final RVFinal RV ✭✭✭

    The thing about Wales & about West Wales in particular isnt so much the cool temperatures it's the unpredicatableness of the weather.  You can be basking in glorious sunshine at Manorbier or Saundersfoot & be sat in the rain in Angle or Milford Haven.

    On the bright side UK sea temperatures are usually around their highest September time & who knows we may even have an Indian summer arriving by then.  Plan for the worst & then whatever arrives on the day you'll be ready for and have mentally & physically prepared for.

    If all else fails, bring an umbrella.

  • jenjonesdpt wrote (see)

    I'm looking at this race for a first-time Ironman.  I've done the Wildflower half and will be doing the half plus Olympic distance the next day, this year.  It's considered a challenging course in the US.  I'm thinking Wales would be good for the climate, I need cool weather.  Are there many people who do this as a first time race?  I've heard that it is a competitive race, which scares me more than the race course.  I won't be doing it until 2014, just trying to prepare myself!



    A bunch of us did IMW as first timers in 2011 and loved it.  As it's the UK, pack for every type of weather.  Seriously, pack your factor 50 and your thermals, one day it can be glorious the next Baltic. 

    Not sure about the competitive bit, I think it's the same as a lot of races, you get the speedy ones at the front and then the rest of us at the back.  It's certainly had a great atmosphere the last couple of years image

  • IMW in 2011 was my 5th and last image IM and I have to say that it was probably the best supported one I'd done - superb atmosphere all round.  

    it's Wales - it has weather - and you can get 4 seasons in a day anytime of year so as IP says, pack for all conditions. 

    and if, as FRV suggests, you bring an umbrella, be prepared for it to be blown inside out after you've been rained on..... image

  • I've just put up a new post on my blog, Chase The Potato, called 'this is carbon, right?'

    How is everyones training going this weekend? Hope you're all able to make use of the extra time to get out a bit?

  • i am trying to work on the bike in the dry weather........i really need to get stronger on the bike if i'm going to crack this

  • Disaster image

    Weekend in the lakes perfect for some training. Stayed away from running to help rest foot a few more days, but it 'went' whilst walking to pub for tea. Can't weight bear without pain, not eased overnight. Will get podiatrist appointment ASAP but am not feeling good about this.
  • Nightmare! I'm having to e really careful with historical knee ligament damage, the bugger is the only time I've re-injured has been doing seemingly normal tasks like getting in the car. It's heartbreaking when things like that happen!
  • Hi all. Just checked the last time I posted on here - it was 2009! Anyway entered imw 2013 and looking forward to it. Following the Fink program, so far so good. Only missed a couple of sessions in the first 7 weeks. Managing long bike sessions on a Saturday. Is everyone else on track?
  • Pretty much the same, just doing battle with the "how best to convert my road bike" debate.. Just got some aero bars... Now Easter's out the way it's time for fun. Even managed to find an Olympic distance that tallies with the plan. Half iron race for prep less successful lol
  • Disastrous swim today... Supposed to be 2500m but just felt panicked And gross... So got out and went to work... Going to have another go later. Not drinking Alcohol again .. A bottle on Easter Day And I feel AWFUL... Doh
  • Real world IM training, CJJ. Enjoy!

  • princess leah and all those with injuries.i hope they get sorted soon......

    CJJ most of my swimming sessions finish in failure

  it 7 weeks already......time is flying by

  • Just got in from the pool, 2500m in just over an hr. not gonna set the world on fire but I beat the nerves and really loved it. Means dropping my run to the morning and doubling up but the psych benefits are much bigger as far as I'm concerned and l'll still = the same volume come Sunday night so no biggie... Real world training..... A big juggling act!!
  • well done CJJ..another one ticked off........its one big juggling act isn't it

  • Hey CJJ. What Olympic you doing?

    Easter tough. Still eating all the chocolate I was meant to keep and have in small portions ;-(.

    Think weight might go up this week.
  • Hey llangy it's the one at the fratton park/lakes tri festival. Was so lucky finding it!
  • It's a total juggling act - I've been awake since 4.30am trying to figure out how I'm going to squeeze in training around various commitments. Now the mileage is going up and my energy is going down these things are really starting to occupy my mind!

    CJJ - glad you got a decent swim session in. I'd be quite happy with 2500m in an hourimage

    Princess Leah - hope your foot injury is not as bad as you feared?


  • My training is going OK, I'm targeting Challenge Vitoria first, which is six weeks before Tenby, and currently in week 4 (Rest week) of a 20 week plan.  All sessions have been hot so far, although the bike sessins have been predominantly indoors.  

    Generally using the rollers, but with a front fork stand, and hopefully it'll show some improvement when I actually get out ontot he roads proper.

    Swimming is coming along, took six months off swimming, having read somewhere that de-training and then getting back could reap benefits.  Techniquie wise, I've improved, catch is better, and breathing more controlled.  Endurance wise, it's a challenge, but slow steady progress, so no real concerns.

    Running, going OK, odd niggle every now and then, but a recurring injury.  Need to get some new shoes from somewhere, but struggling to find any in stock (Newtons), and don't want to move away from something I know what works.

    Challenge is going to be recovering, re-building and tapering again during the six weeks between two big races.

  • Hey CTpotato, totally agree, my greatest worry has been family life, work ( I have an hr10 commute either way etc and am getting quite OCD about making training. As I work up in Buxton I'm hoping to put the bike on the car and get some good sessions in on the hills to break my legs in.

    Getting some open water coaching soon in notts hopefully and listening to some sports hypnotherapy at night. I swear that's what got me through my swim meltdown.
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