Unexpected Blisters!

Hi everyone... Just replaced my running shoes with a new pair (not the same brand), and I've unexpectedly developed blisters on the inside of my heels...

Is this common? I've never experienced it before. These trainers do have a LOT more support than my last pair so could that be why? I'm now using Brooks The Beasts. My local running shop recommened them as my feet heavily pronate.

Thanks for any advice/ressaurance that you might be able to offer! image


  • I had the same thing when changing brands.  After a few runs they softened up a bit & were fine.  Took a couple of goes with protective bllister plasters though...

  • And how long were your feet heavily pronating before you got advise from the shop?  Did you ever have any issues with pronating?

    (ps I'm not a fan of expert advise from these shops!)

  • Hi Paul

    I've over pronated for as long as I can remember... albeit the diagnosis was a mixture of self-internet research and shop advise, so make of that what you will! image

    The new shoes are definitely comfortable so I think they're doing some good... but we'll wait and see..

    Thanks for the reassurance Miss Slow, sounds like it's to be expected.

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