What Insect repellent ?

I've been eaten alive several times over the last month or so, some of them quite nasty. The kids came back from parkrun on Saturday covered in bites also so I just wondered if there were any decent insect repellents that work well ?


  • Avon - Skin so Soft - spray on mist/oil

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  • I was virtually bitten all over in a Scottish run a couple of years back and a friend recommended a spray called Naff off, it is apparently for horses to keep away things including horse flies, and it works a treat with hardly anything noticeable.


  • My ex swore blind by Avon Skin So Soft but I never found it useful.  Have to say, he had slightly oily skin and tended to tan easily to that lovely olive hue, as does our son, who is also generally unaffected by big bad bugs.  I tend to react really badly to midge bites - have a few scars to prove my run ins with the little blighters - but Jungle Formula has always done the trick for me.  There's also some Aussie bug juice thats supposed to be really good but can't remember what it is, although do recall it being obscenely expensive.  I suspect though that it ultimately boils down to skin type and how it reacts to the chemicals rubbed on it. 

    I'm clearly purer than Snow White so all the animals love me, whereas my ex is the Devil's work and drives even the hungriest of beasties fleeing for the hills (or in my case, my viens!). 

    Might be worth experimenting.

  • Time to experiment, thanks for the suggestions.
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