RW Freshers week!

Welcome to university!

What are you studying? What are you drinking? Will you avoid food poisoning and STDs? What crazy politics will you get involved with?

Feel free to change the tense and reminisce on past exploits if you don't fancy imagining a new student life for yourself image



  • Do we have to study then? Dang I wanted a life of doing nothing. (and drinking tea if that's ok with you).

  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭

    You have to pretend to study. It's a pretext to having a lot of fun image

    Apparently, I actually studied... image

  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭

    I did share a house with seven French men though...

  • Yes, I'd like to feel a little fresher. Where can I do this?



  • I'm a second year now. So there. image

    (Someone described me as a mature student but they didn't know me very well)

  • They just meant old Mike
  • I hope you showed your maturity by stuffing bread in the lock of their room so they couldn't get in after a heavy night.

    Actually that probably wouldn't work now all the locks are probably electronic swipe card things.  I remember when locks were locks..........

  • sarah the bookworm wrote (see)

    I did share a house with seven French men though...

    Me too but it was in France

  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭

    Locks were locks in my house. And one of the French men was actually Albanian. It was in France or Albania though - it was in Coventry image

  • I'm actually a real student (mature student of 36), and just about to start the second year of my law degree.

    I went to one fresher's event last year and was apalled at how the universities promote binge drinking at fresher's events.

    I hardly drink at all now.image

  • It's ok, you just look like a scruffy student to meimage
  • It's only taken me a year to work out that 'im indoors and my daughter are in the same year of their studies image
  • KK - been there. I had a kidney problem at the time so got out of drinking..... image

  • About to start 3rd year myself - getting serious now, even though it's autumn/winter term I need to remember I'm in fact studying Biochem, not majoring in X/C and minoring in Biochem image

  • Can I be your landlord..............last university I wanted on the weekend wanted £196 for a room and 3 meals a day...........

  • Hash wrote (see)

    I hope you showed your maturity by stuffing bread in the lock of their room so they couldn't get in after a heavy night.

    Clingfilming the loo pans was another good one ... in someone else's hall, of course.

  • We've just received our 2nd year timetable. Last night we were discussing on Facebook what time we have lectures, seminars and tutorials. One lass of 19 was saying that she thought it was so unfair that she has a 9am lecture on Wednesdays, as she goes out clubbing every Tuesday night and doesn't get to bed until 4am. She said that she's not going to bother going to that lecture.

    As a mature student in my mid 30s I remember that at her age I was slogging my guts out in a factory and working 6 til 2 one week, then 2 til 10 the following week. I often used to put overtime in when I was on late shift and end up doing 2 eight hour and 3 fourteen hour shifts a week when it got really busy.

    Moaning about a 9am lecture interfering with her clubbing. Why the hell is someone like her at uni anyway?


    ...teenagers of today.

  • Rickster, I'm at a pretty decent university and people still do that. Seems to be a fact of life. Maybe the dim students are too dim to realise lectures are important and the clever ones think they're so clever they don't need to turn up image

  • It annoys me as you know only too well that there were people who were turned down for a place at uni, and some people there just see it as a 3 year party.

    How's she going to manage in the real world where if you don't come in to work regularly because of a hangover, she will get the sack?

  • No idea Rickster, though if she's going to get a degree in Applied Film Studies or Social Hairdressing or something the problem might be finding work in the first place!

  • Law LLB (hons) degree. image

    She failed 2 of her first year exams and only scraped through the resits.

    She's doomed and it serves her right for having such a lazy attitude to life. WAHAHAHAHA! image

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