peroneus pain

I have just got back into running after a fallow year (due to acute laziness syndrome) and am having real trouble with incredibly tight and painful peroneus muscles ( or thereabouts). I'm a big chap currently doing the early stages of the couch to 5k plan. My problem is that the outside of my lower legs are so painful I can't finish the runs/walks, I can barely hobble back through the front door. The pain goes fairly quickly when I take a load off, it is much worse on my right side than my left and oddly it isn't as bad when I'm running compared to the interval walks. Any ideas of how to alleviate the pain? Any exercises to strengthen the muscles?


  • probably get your gait checked to make sure you are not trying to lift your feet the wrong way, apart from that i would say try ice them and also stretch the muscles while they are warm.

  • Are you using proper running shoes?  Even then it would be best to get your gait checked in case you've got the wrong 'type' of shoes. image

  • The shoe thing did occur to me, and doing some research today it looks like I'm wearing the wrong ones. I'm using Nike Lunar Glides at the moment which are listed for stability but I'm a big under-pronator so I guess I should be more on the neutral end of things.

  • Have just been to physio for peroneal pain - my problem was with running/walking technique. Over a number of years I've lengthened the peroneal tendons which has caused a weakness in them. Perhaps wearing the wrong shoe has cause this problem with you?

    Only way to cure pain is rest, ibuprofen and possibly some ice/elevation if swollen.

    Good luck with the couch to 5k program!

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