Asics DS Trainer

The DS Trainer is no longer listed on the asics uk website. They still have it in other asics websites. I haven't seen anything about it being discontinued. Does anyone know if it has been ditched from the range?


  • Funny enough, I was thinking this myself yesterday as I have really liked the pairs I've had in the past and didn't notice a colour update for autumn winter.

    However a quick google for DS Trainer 18 found the following, so it looks like they were too busy making the new model to update the v17 one:

    The comments suggest January release (in the US) and it does look a big change. 

  • Intresting. Its curious that update or no update it has just disappeared from the UK site while it is still on the US version but marketing people move in strange ways. Hopefully we do get the update as there does seem to be a bit of a gap in the market for something which has a bit of support but which is lighter than typical trainers without getting into racing flat territory.

  • I'm gutted that I can't find the DS 8 Racer. The DS 9 seemed to be a narrower fit and I am too scared to go for a racing flat given my significant over pronation.

    Has anyone moved on to a new trainer they recommend from the DS 8?


  • I use to use the DS Racer, moved to Brooks Green Silence now which I think is a much better shoe. Wouldn't get used to it too much though because word is that that's being discontinued next year too.

  • I e-mailed asics in the summer when I noticed it had disappeared as it is the only shoe I can run comfortably  in. They said it hadn't been discontinued and ..... they wuld update the site!! I hope it's not changed too much as I love the older versions. I also wish they wouldn't make it in such hideous colours!

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