Foot pain

A few weeks ago I was out with running club and something "popped" in my foot after about 2 miles. That was literally it. I felt a pop, intense pain and the next day I had swelling and bruising under my ankle on the outer side and the top of my foot. I iced it, rested it and my mam (ex-nurse) strapped it up. And it responded. Didn't run at all until last weekend. Did a cautious 5k with no ill effect, but during last week I noticed my Achilles was feeling tight and I had achy ache in my foot. Did the Great North Run yesterday and my foot went again at about 4 miles but I managed to finish by running/walking/hobbling/jogging. Today I can walk on it but my Achilles feels a little tight (not severely though) and it feels like I have a nail in my foot arch. The pain wasnt too bad this morning but increased during the day. Sore in the arch, into the bit towards the outside of under my ankle bone. Any clues?


  • I'm reading born to run at the moment and the author describes Cuboid Syndrome as a nail in his foot.
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