The Runner

tip tap tip tap go your feet as you kick up a gear. the world around you races by in a wonderful blur, adrenalin pumps through your body and you get into your stride. breathe in, breathe out, in, out, in, out - your awareness of the world around you is heightened and thoughts in your head become clearer. it feels good. it feels right. there's nothing in the world you would rather be doing at that moment in time. your heart pumps and your limbs are like pistons driving you forward with impeccable synchronisation. you push yourself harder, faster. tip tap tip tap tip tap - you're loving it. this is what you're made for, born to do, destined to love for the rest of your life. it heals, it's your soul in motion and your smile in action. your feet are delicate brushes, creating masterpieces on the canvas of the world. every bead of sweat is a drop of inspiration and the problems of life evaporate in an instant. hamstrings tear, knees collapse, ankles twist yet you will never be stopped. ever. this is what makes you who you are and nothing - nothing - can come close. and when the shoes come off and you talk of your life they ask if you are a jogger. "no sir" you say, "i am a runner".


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