First Marathon

Hi to all those experienced marathon runners.  I am running my first marathon in October and I was wondering, do I run with a water bladder or can I rely just on the water stations and some gels?


  • I am doing my first marathon this October, too. I known they will have water stations along the route so I am planning to use them. Even if you bring a water bottle, you will run out of liquid at some point and re-filling it will be a real hassle. I have recently bought a running belt (similar to Spi-Belt by Karrimor, at the fraction of the price and great quality) and planning to stuff it with some fuel for the run. I recommend you buy something similar.

  • Thanks Timi, good luck with your marathon.  I have been training with my water bladder, also have a running belt.  So wasn't sure which way to go...I think I might also go for the belt...who needs the extra weight of the bladder hey!

  • Hi Marinda

    I do my long runs with a bladder. I won't be running with it in my Marathon - that's 1 to 2 Kgs of extra weight on the start line that you can do without. I carry gels on a belt, and use the water stations. Good luck.
  • I'd say it very much depends on how often the water stations are and how often you need to drink. Also the conditions will make a big difference. In October it could be quite a warm day where you would need to drink more often?

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