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Hi all

Looking for a bit of injury advice.

I played 11 a side football at the weekend and since playing, my heels have been very sore (more so in my left heel than right).  I’ve looked this up online and it has all the hallmarks of plantar facilitis.  I’ve purchased some sports orthotics from Boots (Orthoheel) to put in my football boots when playing and also some normal orthotics of the same brand to put in my everyday shoes.

My running shoes are Asics GT 2170s so are already moderately cushioned – do I need to put the sports orthotics in my running shoes when running or will this provide too much cushioning?

Many thanks in advance.


  • I have GT 2170s and have Sorbothane heel inserts in (small ones just for the heel part only, not reaching to midfoot) - I have no problems with stability and my footfall feels solid and stable (landing midfoot, more or less).

    Are your Orthaheels the full length blue sports ones with the firm arch support? I have the full length blue ones from a while back when I used them with my old shoes - I just put them in my GT2170s and they didn't feel right at all, they pushed my feet upwards and outwards and made me feel bandy legged. But it depends on the shape of your feet I suppose, they might be ok with you. The person in the Asics store assessed the GT2170s as being ideal for me, so using the Orthaheels with these would change my running style too much. The heel cushioning feels fairly minimal (though mine might have got impacted down by now) so I think that would be ok (if they replace the original somes rather than on top of them).


  • Have you had pain in your heels when wearing your 2170's pror to yr footie match? If not I would say yr football boots are maybe to worn/or too new or possibly are too flexible and flat over the arch which can cause problems under yr foot. Asics 2170's have a degree of anti pronation in them to stop yr arch flattening out and over pronating, football boots tend to be thin under sole and flat with hardly any arch support, also was the ground u played on extra sloppy and muddy so u had to dig yr heels in more to push out? Could be lots of things caused it but if u run ok normally without heel pain I'd leave well alone as the wrong orthotics can cause stacks of problems


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