Team GB Vest In Stock

I know how much genuine people want a Team GB running vest/singlet, so thought I'd let you know that start fitness online have new stock in all sizes. They're £31.99 unlike on ebay where you'll pay twice that. the website is I found this when I was searching for some kit. So if you have been wanting one, you'll be happy! And by the way, you can't by multiples, so this is for genuine people who just want one! image


  • They've only got size 44-46 - but you can buy three!

  • They had all sizes last night... Obviously very popular !! And I knew that about three, but wanted to discourage the buying to sell individuals, as they p*ss me off. 

  • Well I guess eBay is going to be flooded with large vests now!

  • Hopefully a few people manage to get one at £31.99. As was the point of this thread. 

  • ha! wadda you know?  ebay is flooded with XXL and XL vests.  Nothing in anythign resembling a runner's size!


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