recovery after douclbe cervicle disc replacement

Hi all, at the start of July I had two discs replaced in my neck at C5/6 and C6/7.  Recovery is going great but I am getting a bit anxious as to when I can run again.  I'm experiencing issues with the muscles in my neck going into spasm and really tightening up. 

I'm told I'm well ahead of schedule and that these problems are to be expected due to the length of time my neck muscles were affected before I was treated. 

Really I was hoping that there may be other runners out there who've had similar procedures who may be able to share how long they before they were back running, but probably more importantly how they built up the running again once they were back.

Thanks all.


  • FoC

    You should be well into a focussed rehab program not only concentrating on your neck but also thoracic and lumbar spine, rotator cuff and scapula stability. Someone also needs to be pushing your thoracic spine respectfully around.

    We normally get people running by 4 months, but are guided by symptoms pre and post op, control of your head on neck, running stylee and foot posture/shoes. Distance also plays a big part.

    It's very rare that running will give you problems BUT it's how you run that potentially will...

    Good Luck with the recovery, stay ahead of the curve.

  • Thank's for that Six,

    I began transitioning to a more minimal style of shoe before the neck got too bad earlier in the year, so hopefully that will help with the running style and posture. 

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