Malvern hills Ultra 52m 8000ft

Got this as my next big race now, injury permitting and always like to look forward to an event and "Nerd it up a bit!" before hand. 
So anyone got any good info on the race, bits I'll enjoy and parts that should be "reccied"...  Have started heading over there to take in the new hills...  so should be good image


  • This sounds interesting.

    When is it?


    4th of May 2013 - There is an 85m event too.

  • Thanks image.

    Used to get dragged around Malvern Hills as a kid, cannot remember much apart from grass, hills and sheep image.

  • Okay, read the site - I am liking how they have called the 80m the 'Black Route' image!!!

    Would be useful to know just how much nav is needed, i.e. is it a simple case of following a well trodden trail marked on a map, or is there cross-country type compass reading in the dark involved?

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Its a great race, you'll love the route!  Goes out and back towards and over the Malvern range, turning around at the Malvern Hotel (checkpoint).  Mostly off-road running through forests, over escarpments and the main range.

    It's actually a revised route from the original Malvern Hills Ultra which ran along the severn to start with.  Because of the flooding, this route was created.

    There may be two events next year - this one and possibly the original route. 

    Oh and they have punch-points to add another element image


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  • Sounds like my cup of tea image.

    Will have to see how it fits in with my other races next year, I might be in for the 50 or the 85m depending image.

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    As you'll see the 50mile event is the one with numbers, only a handful tend to do the 85m could be a bit lonely.

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  • Didn't you win this last year Daz?
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Yeh, I love that course!

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  • Thx for the info Daz - Is a great area, so I'm discovering and nice to have a change/ mix from the shropshire hills.... P.s well done on your cotswold way run too !image Bet ya chuffed that was a cracking time!   

    Is it marked, or nav'd checkpoints pick your own route? I'm doing the 52 as its a nice distance for me, similar to the Long mynd Hike with its ascent and distance.

  • I like the look of that

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