new to running, lost 3 & half stone, and half marathon in 298 days

the last 4 months i have lost 3 & half stone, down to 15 and  half stone, been eating healthy no fat and little carbs, but what do i do now i have started running. i started 2 days ago, and can only run at 5am in the morn, i covered 2.4 miles in 27 mins, and have already booked my place in wales half marathon next year, went to tri exersise to get my running shoes that are perfect, but i need help in the running and eating side of it now, i am doing the half marathon for me and for shine (spina bifida) so dont hold back on the advice, i am dedicated and want to do it so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  • Well done on the weight loss, ive lost 3 stone recently as well, lots more to go but now ive started running again its starting to fall off

    Got an email from Cancer Research today, been offered a golden bond place for the london marathon, so ive got a month to decide if i think i can be ready in time.

  • Hi.

    I know how you feel I'm 5ft 4 was 15st8lbs in April now 11st4ish, started running in may, first marathon 3.5 weeks away.

    My advice is get running and eat sensibly. You cannot loose weight just running need to keep the diet going I average around 1200 calories a day some days I go Upto 15/1600 calories do when I do a long training run I'm actually -300 or do calories for a day.

    You just need to be patient and determined. .

    Start small and don't be Embarrassed, son't go to far to fast to soon it's macho bulkshit that screws you in the short term.

    Slow n steady, build your distance up and don't really worry about pace, with time and practise you will naturally speed up when you have some experience.

    Remember humans are waterproof.... So if it rains who cares don't give up for things like rain, get a program there are thousands out there, great plans on here, also and loads of other places... Just jog and with time it becomes faster then one day you relies you sren't embarrassed and that other jogger that was 50m behind you is still 50m behind you ;/)

    Don't over complicate it slow, steady, increase on average no more than about 10% per week and enjoy yourself.
  • thanks so much, i will take them comments on board.

  • image I hate my iphone, ok I love it really but i keep typing do instead of so on it!!



  • 298 days?! You've got 10 months!!!

    Pick any novice schedule from here, when that's complete reassess your level and do another different one, up until 12 weeks before your target half, then obviously pick a half schedule you feel you can cope with at the time, you won't know which one that will be until then!

    As for diet, you've lost 3.5st, keep doing what you're doing, I don't know how much more you have to lose but i'm assuming it's a reasonable amount due to the wording? In which case, don't worry about diet too much eat sensibly, not too much not too little, your body will change a lot in 10 months if you do the miles. Good luck!

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