Running with a COLD?

Im due to run in the 10km Discovery at Dovercourt Essex tomorrow 28/9.

I have developed a slight cold just runny nose that might get worse with time.

I was just looking for advice from fellow runners who have run with a cold before, I feel fine but it will be different when I start running.

Any advice would be greatfully recieved.


  • Dean,

    My understanding is that if the cold is in your head it's safe to run. But if it's on the chest, don't even think about it.

    Beyond that, I defer to the medically better-qualified. Hope that helps, anyway.
  • I eventually run I felt terrible my first 10km run with only 2 weeks training and managed to clock 39:32 which was satisfying.

    But any advice to other runners DONT DO IT!
  • Satisfying - should say. And you need better advice than mine in your other thread, you lucky thing! You're only beginning, and you're way out of my class.
  • Wow, Dean. That's a brilliant time. I've been running about 7 years and can't do that time for 10km. Join a club and get some serious coaching. You could be the next Paula Radcliffe (well, the male version anyway.)
  • Be careful, two years ago I ran with a cold / flu and ended up having 3 months off work as it went into my heart. Luckily my fitness meant it did no long term damage and I'm running again.
  • I ran a couple of days after I thought I'd got over a chest cold. I felt absolutely terrible. Don't do it!
  • Don't run with a cold. I did and ended up getting another one immediately and missing nearly 2 weeks of running. I saw my doctor as I thought I had a chest infection (I didn't) and he advised rest. As he is a runner I trusted his judgement and rested. And would do so in future.
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