Since I have been running I have never bothered about "speedwork". The only types of run I do is typical tempo runs (8-10m @ 6:10-6:40) at marathon pace and then I do slow recovery runs (1 min. slower). My main goal is sub 3hrs marathon.

My training is very simple. I don't do and don't like hill work. The risk of injury appears to me too high (different type of running). However, I run in a hilly terrain (slowly).

Haven't explored running on the track yet or doing intervall sessions.

Over shorter distances, I can do a 5k in 17:xx. However, I am not particular interested in everything below 10k. My PB's 35:46 (10k), 1:22hr (1/2m), 2hrs(30km), 3:08hrs (Marathon).

The question is should I bother about speedwork? If so what kind of intervall should I be running? Would that be benefical for the marathon? Should I rather stretch the tempo runs a bit further?

Any opinions?


  • Hi URR, I am far too inexperienced to advise on speedwork, but if you go to the training section and then to the best of training forums you will find a very good discussion on Yasso 800s. May be of help to you as very experienced marathon runners have made comments. Hope this helps.
  • In my opinion, Speedwork is essential - when I used to run fast, and even now as a slower runner, I still do two speedwork sessions a week. I reckon you could take your i/2 marathon pb down towards 1:18 if you did some quality sessions like 6 x 1200m or 48 x 100m etc. One long session and one short session is ideal per week. Hope you have fun discovering the joy of speedwork!
  • I did once 3 x 5km (18/17:45/17:30), but those intervalls are possibly a bit too long. Not sure about 48x100m, I am really not a sprinter and I don't have fast twitch muscles, but those 6 x 1200m sounds interesting. What kind of time should I be running those?

    Just read on Khannouchi's web page, should start with 7x1000 @ 3.35m and try to improve by 2 seconds per session.
  • As far as I understand the Yasso technique, you run 800m @ target and then you do 400m recovery jog and then you do it all over again. 800m seems very short, but I guess after the x repitition it feels quite hard.

    Should you do such a workout after a slow day or can you do it anytime, possibly replacement for the temp run?

    I often do a tempo run and a slow recovery run, I can do the recovery run even if I am bit tired (but not fatigued). Should you do Yasso when you feel tired or fresh? Risk for injury?
  • For a marathon I feel that longer reps are best 5x1 mile reps at 5k-10k pace with 90 sec recovery or 2x2miles at 10k pace 3 min recoveries.
  • I did a Yasso today.

    10 x 800m with a 400m jog in between. 2min50secs is a bit slow and I did most repeats between 2mins38secs and 2min46secs.

    I am more exhausted after a tempo run. After the 10th repeat I almost got used to it and could even do 10 more!

    Either I have to go faster, or do those 800m on a hill, do 1km intervalls or increase the number of repetions.

    http://www.mcmillanrunning.com recommends 2mins38 - 2mins45

    Do you have to run those intervalls pretty close to your anaerobic threshold?

    I read good old Zatopek did awesome intervall sessions. Running 400m fast, jog 200m, overall 50 laps in the morning. He did the same workout in the evening too! However, I don't know how fast those 400m have been.
  • URR You are justlike me. You hate hill work and by the sounds of it.
    I went through a phase of doing track speed stuff and hills and saw my 10k time fall from regularly in the low 33mins to regularly 31 to 32mins and even a 30min time. That was some time ago but I'm sure it was doing the stuff I hate, especially speed. What I would say is that the more you do of both the less painfull and more satisfying it gets.
    Give it a decent trial; with the times you're clocking now you could be a half decent runner!!!!!!!!1
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