New service to automatically copy GarminConnect activities to RunKeeper


If you want to automatically copy activities from Garmin Connect to RunKeeper, then check out You only need to do the setup once and then all new activities on Garmin Connect will be automatically copied to RunKeeper.




  • Very useful - I'll give it a go.


    Thanks for the heads up, Gero!

  • Humm.... I am always wary....

    New random website do you know who owns it etc...

    Do you really want to give your username and password details out...
  • So gero you own this website? Spam at least...
  • First post too!

  • Hi,

    Yes I own this website.

    GarminSync does not ask you to provide password of your GarminConnect or RunKeeper accounts. What it asks you for is:

    • Your Garmin Connect username. That is required to collect your new activities uploaded to Garmin Connect. Since it only picks up public activities there is no need to specify your Garmin Connect password.
    • To authenticate GarminSync on your RunKeeper account. For this you do not provide your RunKeeper password to GarminSync. RunKeeper allows for other applications to request authorization (using OAuth protocol) to post activities to a RunKeeper account. GarminSync will redirect you to the RunKeeper site and there you can grant permission for GarminSync to post activities. GarminSync will never see your RunKeeper password. To revoke the permisson for GarminSync to post activities to your RunKeeper account, you simply disable the GarminSync app in your RunKeeper settings (

    Hope this takes some worries out of the way.



  • worked very nice for me

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