What Entry Fee Do I Pay ???

I've applied for, and have been given, a Good-for-Age guaranteed entry form using my own address here in Ireland. My question is what entry fee do I pay, the £27 quoted on the form or the £60 overseas entry fee I've heard mentioned?


  • Good question, well presented!! Try ringing the hotline hopefully they will be able to help.
  • Thanks Slaphead. Did you choose that name yourself ?
  • You're having a laugh! I've been told 'hey, did you know you're going bald?' since I was 11. I wouldn't mind but it aint that bad, but living in Naples, Italy I decided it was time for the plunge when the hot summer arrived and had it all shaved off! - the Mrs thinks its great. Have to say its a lot more comfortable when running now!!!!
  • Slaphead, I'm not far behind you in the folicle department. I was a tad reluctant to make contact with official sources on this question as I thought there was a possibility of them saying "oops, good-for-age entries aren't for you overseas chappies at all", and that my application had been taken in error, because there's no mention of an oversea's fee on the form. I don't want to trick anyone but then again it's nice to know whether the dog bites before you wake him up !
  • Mick

    I'd give them a call anyway. I rang them with reference to the GFA entry as I finished last year in 3:15:14 so I enquired if this was good enough for an entry - they said NO it isnt but being blood minded I sent it anyway and guess what - I got the entry form through!!

    Now, you could say from that that they don't know what they're talking about so why bother? - they wont take your name or anything so I wouldn't worry too much.

    I don't think it would be an issue for Ireland anyway. I'd be inclined to send 27 quid with your GFA entry anyway and just plead ignorance.
  • Slaphead
    I'll take your advice. There always Boston after all :-)

    Thanks !
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