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  • I suppose so Shades
    I am finding it really difficult to get out of the door at the moment
  • Come on PH, you know you love it. Once you get out there, and the heart starts beating a little faster, then you start to get that rush of hormones as you get into the run. Then you will feel better. Lovely day here in Dundee. Bright sunshine, a little breezy but great for a run. Did 10 miles this morning, my mid-week long run as a part of my marathon build up. Got a bit carried away and ended up running at an average of 72% MHR - but it was such a nice day.
    Hippo - and you will find it harder next week unless you make plans. I actually look forward to the end of the season so I can get stuck into some decent training.
    Have you started the RH books yet? Quite motivating the amount of training he did.

    DR - nice weather down here (Devon) today too. Will let you off the 2% extra and put it down to elation!
  • Dundee runner

    er, i rarely "get in the zone"when running, and i am finding almost all my runs hard(no, im not going too fast, and my HR is fine)
    The feel good factor only comes in once i have returned home

    shades-therea re all sorts of weird resons why i dont plan routes and so on.most of them are really silly hangups
    I will need to think about this and challenge them

    but quite a bit of other crap going on chex moi at the moment
  • new 'resolution' didn't last long...intended to go for a run at lunchtime today and a phone call eats into my time to the extent that it isn't worth going out...will be out tonight too so I'll need to get out again tomorrow...


    hello Benzy...getting in the zone is a rarity for many peeps...but a lot of people also find that a little jog (run or whatever) is a good antidote to any crap going on in your's good 'me' time and you can get away from it all for a short spell...go on, you know you want to...
  • Ratbag


    my running has been my life glue recently

    I havent missed a day since April 1st you know

    its just i should be doing more mileage
  • there's no such thing as 'should' do what you can, when you can....don't get hung up on what you should do as it will take the fun out of it...
  • I do not know if I was speaking about being "in the zone" I just get a buzz once I start running. Sometimes the first mile or two might be hard going, but then I loosen up, get into a rhythm, and I enoy myself. Today I found that when I got to mile five I seemed to get a new wind, was just cruising along at a nice easy pace and felt really good. Am I the only one here that feels like this? If I did not get this feeling I do not think I could get out there day after day, in the sun, rain, cold and wind whatever the weather can throw at me. I would stay in bed another hour and enjoy the duvet rather than pounding the streets. It was this feeling that I was trying to convey to PH to encourage you to get out there. I did not want to suggest some elite status as if I was one of the select few who achieve "THE ZONE". I am not that fast, or fit to get beyond the middle of the pack.
  • dundee
    i never get to cruising point

    well, occasionally if going down a big hill
    but then you have to go up them to get there

    I think i am fairly unusual in finding most of my runs hard work thoguh

    ratbag-for when you come back

    Im not working at the moment
    so ive no excuse
  • Ive done a tiny one today by the way
    DR - I love my training runs and like you the first mile or so might not be so great and then it's brilliant from that point onwards. sometimes the worse the weather conditions are, the greater the wow feeling.

    hippo - I rarely plan routes before I run just the distance I'm doing so sometimes if I have to do 8 miles I'll do 2 x 4 mile loop. You can sort out those little hang ups can't you. I still think you train too fast, you would not find your runs such hard work otherwise!!!
    You need to wait until after L**** before upping the mileage.

    I just think that when you're working again you will really regret if you didn't give BT a proper go and get that mileage up when you could have.
  • need to go and sort my head out

    legs are fine
    Nowt wrong with your head..
  • Shades

    there is at the moment

    Im working on it
    I think you need some training buddies to help you get out that door to run.
    One of the girls who runs with my group, her husband runs ultras and is seriously addicted to running, doing Pennine 100m and MDS. She told me last night he's doing a training run on Friday from Bristol to Newton Abbot - 100 miles!!!

    I'll let you know how he gets on.
  • blimey

    that IS serious

    you might be right about the buddies

    I am getiig out the door
    every day
    just not going very far

    theres a lot of other stuff going on in my head now which isnt helping either
    confidence is not at an all time high
    I'm sure there are loads of forumites that would appreciate your company once or twice a week on a run.

    at least you're getting out the door, that's the biggest hurdle dealt with.

    You've had a fab running year so don't let it slip away and forget what you have achieved - and you will be wannabee status very, very soon.
  • thanks Shades

    i do appreciate your advice
    you know me, always ready to say my piece!!

    last time I saw you I could see how your improved running had had such a positive effect on you
  • Shades
    it still has


    wasnt going to mention personal stuff but it looks like i may be up for a temp job end of January, and im doing all that form filling in anyway to join an agency now(cos the crb stuff takes ages), and I dont think i am 100% well either

    and i had another odd experience at yoga

    this is all good in the long term-but its like running through treacle when you are going through it

    thank god for my streak

    or i wouldnt get out of the door

    10 miles tomorrow though
    ..and a bit of a reality shock too going back to the working world, form filling etc. You will cope, but buy a lottery ticket just in case you win enough to become a full time athlete! I'd better buy one too.

    You will be fine, enjoy your 10 mile run, then ease up L**** is only a couple of days away.
  • good point

    lottery ticket

    yes, i will cope
    I know you will.

    Got to go now, have spent all night on the computer, have just written a training programme for ultra training forumite, never written one for ultras before!
  • oooh shades
    you shouild write that book
    ..maybe one day when I can't run anymore..
  • wont get written then will it;)
  • Hi peeps,

    shades - any advice for 1st ultra would be helpful. Planning on Comrades in June 07, so post Jan 21 marathon it's ultra training...

    PH - hows the mara count going?
    Trini - I suggest you do a shorter ultra first if you can, that's quite a jump from marathon distance.

    Training, marathons close together are good and long training runs back to back.

    there are training plans for the Comrades on their website, haven't looked at them though.
  • Trini
    bu my count it will be 50 on sunday
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