orienteering shoes

Although not an orienteerer myself, I have read that many run in "V-J studded shoes". Does anyone use them for fell or cross country running, and if so--how do they compare with other running shoes? A web site that sells them is www.ultrasport.co.uk


  • As nobody has answered this post, I suspect that none of us runners wear them?
  • I use Felldancer or PB WAlsh studded shoes for cross country and trail running.
  • Ii have worn Walshes in the past(20 odd years ago in my teens!) but they seem to be too narrow for me nowadays. I was wondering whether anyone wore the V J orienteering shoes and if they were any wider in the toebox than the Walshes?
  • Have you tried Felldancer's they're a bit wider than Walshes ? There's also the Adidas Swoop or the New Balance RX Terrain.
  • Thanks Tom; I've tried the swoops;my normal running shoe size of 9 1/2s were too narrow/ not tried felldancers.
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